Does eliminating condoms mean anything in a relationship?

I'm in a "relationship" of sorts with a guy. I wouldn't exactly call it friends with benefits because we do go out sometimes, its not often, but we do (he pays for me & stuff).

Anyway, we've been doing this for a year now. It's not constant. I see him maybe 3 times a month. I havn't gotten to the "what are we?" conversation with him yet. Therefore, I really am not sure if our "relationship" is exclusive or not. (I know should ask, but I'm taking it slow for my own reasons too).

My question is that somewhere around 4 months, he stopped using condoms. Now I know that this can mean nothing, as people do it on one night stands even, just cuz people like the feeling of it. But I'm wondering if, in this sort of case, might it be a sign that he trusts that I'm not seeing anyone else? I mean, he wouldn't abandon condoms for a whole year if he thought I was sleeping around would he? Or do guys really just like sex without them that much they'd be willing to risk it?

He doesn't ask me if I'm seeing other people, aside from a few times near the beginning of the "relationship" when my phone was ringing off the hook and he'd say "Who's calling? All your other suitors?" (jokingly)

(He's 32 and I'm 23, if that helps anything).
Does eliminating condoms mean anything in a relationship?
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