I have never told this before but now I have to. What should I say to her? Why would she do this?

On a cruise me and my family were on when I was young something happened something I have never told before. We got the cruise as a favor from my dads boss we didn't have much. The first day we were getting unpacked getting used to things and the second day at a class I met this girl. I liked her she was very interesting I thought maybe we could be friends, she was somewhat older than me. She noticed I was into her and so the third day she asked me to go with her to her room on the ship.

When I went to her room she told me to sit on the bed I was young so I was thinking maybe she likes me picking me out of all the other boys to spend time with her maybe we would kiss and this would be the best cruise ever. I was sitting on the bed thinking of something to compliment her I was nervous so I didn't know what was coming she told me to lay down. I did and she started to take off her pants and unzipped mine I asked what are you doing she told me to be still and quite.

She then sat on me put me into her and then started bouncing on me I didn't know what to say I was thinking this isn't right she said trust me. She started bruising my legs and I asked her if we could stop she told me again be quite. I had never had sex before when I started to get excited for a reason I did not know and a feeling in my pelvis I said I feel like I am going to pee she said nothing. I felt pain from it being bent because it had never been bent so long so far before.

After I blew I said what is going on and I thought well I don't know what happened maybe we can quit now but she kept bouncing, all this time was not satisfying her. The next time I blew I was feeling the skin of my private slowly rub away and I felt like I was bleeding I was starting to cry saying can we please not do this she looked behind her then looked at me and covered my mouth with her hand. Through all the bouncing her ring chipped my tooth I thought she would at least look at me but she looked up at the ceiling smiling.

After I blew the fourth time I had very blue balls she finally exploded on me let out the air in her and said don't tell anyone about this then she took her hand off of my mouth. I was silently crying she took me out of her and she had a look that she was worried because she thought she was bleed then she said oh its just you. She said pull up your pants and get out I was crying because I was in so much pain from the bending to the bleed to the blue balls and being so humiliated even though it was just me and her I still felt humiliated. I was still crying trying to be quite going back to my room on the ship

She took my virginity and my dignity I have tried never to be horny again. Now I tell this because I saw her recently at a college I go to she is in my class after all these years I do recognize her and I want to hurt her badly what should I do? What should I say to her? Do I remind her and let her know I was that boy? I want to hurtg her badly she almost ruined my childhood.
I have never told this before but now I have to. What should I say to her? Why would she do this?
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