My lips get numb while giving head.

Anything I can do to prevent that?


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  • Sounds like you're keeping your lips too tight for too long. This often happens when women try too hard to avoid scraping their teeth on the penis. It is perfectly okay to take breaks during a blow job. There are a lot of tricks that can give you a rest and keep the stimulation going at the same time. A good thing to do is every so often pull it out and use your hand while looking into his eyes. Make sure to flirt and make sexy and very suggestive gestures with your tongue and mouth. Lick it up and down while slowly stroking it. Then you can go back to using your full mouth. Keep changing it up to make it interesting while also giving you plenty of chances to rest.

    Many people (the guys receiving and the girls giving) unfortunately think that a blow job has to be vigorous and fast. More people should learn to enjoy a longer lasting oral experience that is all about the pleasure and NOT the race to an orgasm. Longer lasting and slower paced oral sex is much more enjoyable and leads to bigger orgasms and they are not as tiring for the giver. If the guy happens to be one of "those" guys who easily looses the build up and always wants fast fast fast, then just give it to him slow and super sexy and save your energy for going fast and furious only at the end. Guys like that need to learn how to receive and appreciate a good blow job.

    • I referred another young woman to you for advice since you certainly know where of you speak.

      I did screw up because I would not remember your screen name correctly. I said "Tiger........."

      instead of TeresaTiger. Anyway her question had to do wih her inability to orgasm and I told her that most advice here is not of any value......except perhaps from you

      Her screen name I believe is "uknouwntme" or some such thing. Your advic e seems sound


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    • Thank you. And you are welcome.

    • This is like the best answer ever

  • I really don't think that there is a way to prevent this from it happens to me but I like it makes me feel like I'm trying my best but when you realize it is because your doing a good job you will like it too...

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