First Bisexual experience?

Girls and guys, what was your first bisexual experience like and what did you do? I am very bi curious (nervous to try) and am wondering what finally drove you to try your first same sex experience, what things did you do, and how was it?


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  • First gay experience I had...wasn't exactly of my choice, had a friend stay the night, we were in the living room and...well basically I woke up to find his junk blocking my airway. I can safely say that I did not enjoy and it did two things for me that night. proved I was straight and not even close to being bi-curious any more and two, made me very afraid to sleep with him around lol.

    Were still friends to a point but we kinda just don't talk about the incident, wasn't to much a shock though when he came out of the closet about a month or so later.

    • Wow, sorry that happened to you. I am looking to avoid something like that.

    • My limited experience like that was something similar only it happened at work after hours with a bozo that I worked with..the A.H. walked up behind me with his fly open and acted like he was going to stick out his ##$%. This was a "married" man with a child..Never did know what to make of that except to say that I don't think is / was "Straight" I would never dream of doing something that stupid.

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  • Technically, there's no such thing as a "bisexual" experience. A person may be "bisexual" in terms of describing their basic sexuality, but even then, I personally feel that the term is too abstract. That's just my personal semantics.

    My first sexual experience with another woman was amazing. I had been in love with her for almost a year and over that time the chemistry just kept building. The sexual tension was driving us both crazy. There really was no reason why we both waited so long, but looking back I wouldn't have done it any other way. We are still together (this was many years ago).

    • I have heard the same thing from several women friends of mine, including a lady that I had a wonderful one time experience. Thanks for another mature answer.


  • There IS such a thing as bisexuality, otherwise people wouldn't be bisexual! I've made out with a girl and she fingered me, I'd do more if I had the chance. Its just not something I'd initiate because I like being the girl.


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  • I want to thank everyone, TeresaTiger included, for not "junping all over" my first thoughtless answer on the subject...I have a Gay relative who tells me there is no such thing as "bisexual". That is where my answer came from.

    The "Tiger" usually has excellent input...again, my apologies for being too quick with the 'smart crack"

  • Bisexual ? No such thing...Bisexual a homosexual that likes both MEN AND butt.

    • I regularly enjoy sex with both men and women (sometimes at the same time). I use the term "bisexual" for convenience only. I personally don't think that term fits me. I definitely don't use the term "homosexual." I just consider myself "sexual" period and I just happen to express myself with both genders.

    • Wow, that is a bit unusual. Not sure when you can't be curious about playing with someone of the same sex. I love girls but am curious what it is like. You seem a bit angry about the subject. I hope nothing bad has happened to you.