How to tell how big a girl's breast are?

It's hard to tell how big a girl's breasts actually are because of what kind of shirt/bra she's wearing so one day the girl might look almost flat and the next she looks like she has large breasts. Is there some easy way to figure out how big her breasts actually are (without asking her or seeing her naked).


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  • This is one of the reasons that plastic surgeons are raking in the money. Women become insecure about their bodies because a few men ask these kinds of questions and feel they need to do something about it.

    Try on that all breasts are beautiful regardless of their size. I personally haven't found a female breast that I didn't like. Regardless, I would rather respect the woman for who she is and just be honored that she would let me love and nurture her breasts as they are.

    If we as men are to take the stand that breast size isn't an issue then maybe some men would be able to stop worrying about penis size. I would venture to guess that the guys who worry about their penis size are probably the same ones that worry about a woman's breast size.

    • Size matters height matters weight matters if you disagree you are factually wrong I'm 5.6 and proportional and don't lie to myself about these things I don't understand why anyone does

      Beauty is on the outside and size matters

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  • I think this is a crazy question. Unless you are a total boob man, who cares?

  • Why does it even matter? It sounds like you're trying to have a "standard" that girls have to meet first or something.


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  • This is a funny question because unless you can actually see skin there is no way to know the size since there are numerous types of padded bras and enhancer, etc. Plus girls can "stuff" their bras. Also what about if what you see is real or silicone? Breast size is overrated unless you have it naturally just like penis size is. But I have no problem in that department. Lol