What does it mean when a guy makes eye contact during sex?

I have been hanging out with this guy for 2 1/2 months. We are not in a relationship. It's just been a booty call or friends with benefits. It's always been just sex. The last few times we have been together it has gotten a little weird. One of the times we was together he was making a lot of eye contact. Which he has never done before. He was laying his head on the back of mine during sex and looking at me in the eyes. He was touching my hands and arms and he hardly ever does that if at all. When I was getting ready to leave he walked me out like always.

But it was different I noticed he was looking at me as I was going to my car. He told me bye as I was getting in my car but kept looking at me so I waved at him and he smiled and went in the house. The next time we was together was about a week later and he was being an ass like he normally would be. He would not look at me in the eyes or anything. It was just sex and nothing to it again like it use to be. His back was hurting so I decided to give him a massage which he love but stop me after about 30 mins.

Normally he don't want me to stop but he did this time. He didn't ask me to leave or anything but I just decide to. He walked me out and I just told him see ya and he said bye. He did watch me go to the car then he was gone into the house. It seemed like he didn't want me to know he was looking at me so by the time I got to the car he was already in the house with the door shut.

I just don't understand. Someone please help me to understand. I just don't understand guys and the way they think.

We went to high school together so I know him pretty good. He was the one that found me and contacted me first after all these years. He was an ass back then and still is just not as bad. He has a sweet side but don't show it. Guys help me out.


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  • Is this question really about eye contact or are you asking us for our help to find a reason to leave this jerk? He gives you a little more attention than average one day, then back to the old, self-gratifying guy he is the next day. You sound like a real sweet-heart and I almost feel like you want more from this relationship than just sex. Why don't you give this guy a piece of your mind and tell him he better start treating you better or you are going to leave him.

    Just out of curiosity, how old is this guy? He sounds kind of immature.

    I hope things work out for you and you find yourself in a more loving relationship whether with or without this guy.

    • I said we was not in a relationship. Just friends with benefits. Just to help you out a little more we did go to high school together so I know him. He wasn't a stranger or just some random guy. I don't just have sex with anybody. Yes you are right about one thing I would eventually like for it to turn into more but I'm cool with just being friends with benefits. I have seen his sweet side. I have told him off more than once. I tell it like it is. I don't hold back. He is my age.

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