Fake cleavage?

i have no boobs like at all, a cup. how do I invent some cleavage for a date? PS push up bras-yea, there is literally nothing to push up.


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  • Instead of creating a negative energy about yourself (which he'll pick up on in seconds) take time to appreciate who you are, love how you look, and stop worrying that men are as superficial as the movies make us out to be.

    He wouldn't have a date lined up with you if only wanted you to have huge boobs.

    At first we guys notice women for superficial reasons but we fall in love with your personality.

    Remember, attraction isn't about how you look, or what you're saying - it's about who you're BEING that counts the most.

    If you're quiet, withdrawn, and hiding behind baggy clothing because you secretly feel you're "less than expected" than you'll be making him FEEL awkward and stiff.

    But if you're proud, and happy, and funny, and sexy, and flirty, and fun, then he'll be FEELING all the right things - no matter how fat, skinny, pretty or ugly you might think you are.

    Move past your boobs because he already has.

    Breast of luck!

    ~ Robby

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  • You could always try a wonderbra or the old-fashioned stuff-bra-with-tissue-paper trick. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to do nothing about your small boobs. I know girls who joke about their tiny-t*ts and don't bother hiding them, but they're still sexy and get plenty of male attention.

    Some guys actually prefer really small-chested women. The majority of us appreciate cleavage, but it's almost always much less important than most girls think it is. There are some guys who are just really into huge boobs, but I doubt he's one of them if he asked you on a date.

  • Be proud about what you have rather than get complexes about what you'd like to have!

    Is cleavage a must? Why?

    You want him to be interested in your boobies? You'd like his fingers and lips on your nipples?

    That's 100% normal. You might get a big O from it. (only a number of really big breasted women don't like to be stroked there. The others like it)

    Let him guess nipples through the T-shirt (you don't necessarily have to expose them, but he has to want them) , and be the one you are, rather than pretend to be someone you aren't.

    Nevertheless, if you feel more comfortable showing 'volume', falsies are an option:

    Yes, I encountered falsies in a girl's bra. The girl was very tense the first time (I knew at once why she was so tense) and I didn't expect it. She had less than a boy, at 19. I stroked her and she relaxed.

    Do you think that would be a reason I didn't want to go on a next date with that girl? :D:D There were many next dates with her. She wasn't tense then. And yes, I liked it. Sweet memories... (a)

    Just pick the right guy. The one who isn't obsessed by getting his hands on the biggest udders on the farm.


    You will never have a problem with sagging (or worse, drooping)

    Just accept and love yourself as you are: pretty and sexy, yes, pretty and sexy with small breasts: nothing wrong with that. Quality is not determined by volume (it's the contrary, actually)


    Yes, I know, in the streets one sees mainly C to D-cups. Thanks to Wonderbra, not thanks to Nature. And they're older than you. Most young women are blessed with A to C-cups. Yes, blessed.

  • Why invent? Do something sheer instead. Flaunting beats faking.

  • If he likes you enough to go on a date with you, I am sure the size of your boobs doesn't matter to him.


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  • I used to have the same problem. I was the typical flat chested ballerina. About as busty as a prepubescent boy. ;]

    Over the course of about eighteen months, however, I went from an A all the way up to a C, while still maintaining my slender frame. And no, I am not pushing any weird medications. I am not sure at all what brought on the breast increase, but this is my best guess:

    1. Diet change

    a. HUGE increase in dairy consumption (a lot more milk, cheese, yogurt etc.)

    b. More meat (mainly an increase in red meats, but I still ate a decent amount of poultry)

    c. More fruit (supposedly papaya helps increase breast size)

    2. Exercise change

    Originally I had been dancing 20+ hours a week, but when I started college I had to reduce to just a few hours. I noticed that my breasts began to grow when I wasn't exercising so often. And please do not use that as an excuse to not exercise, because that it still very important. I just think sometimes people can go too far with conditioning their bodies, and that can cause them to grow (or not grow) in ways that may not be completely natural.

    But as far as your current "problem" (I hesitate to call it a problem because in my little world of professional ballet, flat chests are the absolute ideal) I would say just be comfortable with it. If your flatness makes you uncomfortable, then draw attention away from that area by wearing clothes that emphasize your good qualities. Long slender neck? Mile high legs? Tiny waist? Dress to emphasize those areas instead. And if a guy considers your breasts to be a deal breaker, then he is obviously not the guy for you. [=

    Good luck!

  • I have a friend that used to use water bras. I've taped mine before as well. I'm in the same boat as you though, I'm 21 and A cups are a little big on me. You'll find a lot of guys out there don't like boobs as much as you think. Most guys I date don't like them because all they are is straight up fat any ways.

  • you're fine as you are! I think any kind of fake cleavage is misleading. If he's a good guy and the right guy... He will like and love you for you.