Do you guys actually like touching a girl down there?

Or is it just to turn her on, so you will get her in the mood fro sex?

If you like it - why? I mean I would think it would just feel kind of wet & slimy or something.

What's the attraction?


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  • A woman's / girls genitals , are really unique in just how complex they really are. I have never failed to look at a girls genitals before either going down on her or before penetration. It is wet if she is excited, and that is part of the 'thrill' if you will. I like to see what her clitoris looks like and if she is engorged with blood etc, and more sensitive. The labia are very exciting to see and touch, if a guy is a very 'tactile' person, he enjoys the 'feel of them, If a girl has not had children, there is very little if any stretching of the labia and everything is very "close" and compact, but you can't tell how tight the vagina is just by looking at it.

    For my part, the wetter and more slimy it is, the better. I would compare it to looking at a flower that is partially opened, similar to a rose bud opening, for lack of a better description.

    Having pubic hair around it, partially 'covers' it and adds to the mystery of just how it looks.

    Does that partially answer your question ?

    • Yeah, it does... Wow. I guess I could see why guys would like it instinctively, I just always thought it would be kind of gross- especially getting wet. lol

      Are pre-pregnant woman more interesting or less interesting to study?

      Don't your hands get all slimy?

      How long do you look for- doesn't she get a little self conscious?

    • I find pre pregnant women more interesting

      hands get slimy... it is great

      7 minutes and 12 seconds... (joke)

      some girls don't want you looking, some love the attention.... it all depends on the girl

    • I would answer this way, I think if the girl likes/loves the man she is with, it would not matter "how long you looked", I suppose the same would be true if a woman were "inspecting" a guys penis ? I think for "new' lovers, the 'visual' factor is there in most cases and like "muffintop; suggested below "some girls don't want you looking, some love the attention"

      Most women I know, love the attention, as they don't think their genitals are very attractive, I do, of course. Love yourself.

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  • Of course I like it. Sex and everything that comes with it (foreplay, etc.) is a two way street and I'm OK with that. I just got this girl I'm seeing super wet, using my tongue and fingers. The power a guy feels when he can make his woman come is amazing! If I can be the guy that makes her come the hardest then she is most likely to want to hang out with me more and simply be more attracted to me because I can provide her needs including sexual needs. It's great being pleasured by her but pleasuring her is just as amazing and powerful.


  • Yea I like it for more than just turning her on. For one I just like to please her and make her feel good. I also like to feel her get wet and to make her even wetter. Feeling her get wet is a turn on to me as well.

    • What about making a mess, if she gets real wet, isn't that messy? What about smell Isn't it kind of gross?

    • I don't mind my hand getting wet because to me that just means that she is feeling good. Do you think its messy? And its a different smell but I don't think its a bad smell, just different.

  • Im not going to lie its pretty great

    Why? that's a tough question, natural attraction to it

    Its kinda symbolic in a way because that's the last mortal tangible thing that she can give to you if that makes sense, its like its a craving and that's the satisfaction hahaha.

    It also makes her feel good so her feeling good is a plus : )

    Its uhh pretty great I guess thousands and thousands of years of evolution made it that way haha


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