Ladies what does it feel like when a man ejaculates inside your vagina?

Do you like it?

What exactly is the sensation ? and does it make sex feel better?


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  • Yes I like it very much. This is pretty much the way I always have wanted my guys to finish, unless I was sucking them.

    Not every time do you actually feel the ejaculating in you, but usually his movements, tensing up etc lets you know its happening. Quite often there are very noticeable pulses within the penis which you feel.

    I do know if I am having sex with someone who hasn't had a sexual release in a few days or more, and the sex is hot, when he cums you definitely feel it going in you and the amount determines if you feel the liquidness of it and the warmth of the sauce


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  • It's tough to describe it exactly since I can't feel it every time but when I can really feel it, it's like a pulsing sensation and besides that and the obvious signs that the guy is ejaculating (or telling me), I get this like really warm/hot/wet sensation inside me while it's happening. It doesn't really make the sex better, but it makes me feel like, closer/more connected with the guy, and it's pretty hot, too :o)

  • i bet all girls hate that!

    i mean its not an important part of sex.

    and everyone hates sex anyway.



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  • Strangely enough this is something I was wondering about also. I tend to stay hard for a time after I ejaculate especially when wearing a condom and I don't think any girl has noticed if I just keep going