If you were raped while asleep, would you want to know?

I heard about this woman who fell asleep at a party and some guy took advantage of her but she never woke up. Her friend told her what happened the next day and she became traumatized for it for ten years!

If it happened to me, I'd rather not know. If I don't know, it's not going to affect me (unless it causes pregnancy or STDs) and I'd be p*ssed at the friend for allowing the rape to mess with me.

Would you prefer to know or not know? Men, answer as if your rapist was also a man.

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  • I would want to know, because it happened to me. I had been drinking a lot with my friend we met up with two guys and we drank more. All I remember is hanging over the toilet and one of the guys being close to the bathroom door. In the morning I seen a condom wrapper left in the bathroom. The guy had left before I woke, I do remember storming out the bathroom in fell asleep. When I got home I seen some weird secretions on my dress on the back from the inside of the dress my vagina felt a little sore thought maybe it was sore because it was my last day of my period. I was just in denial. I've even had a dream about me getting raped a month in half after it happened. I still some time sit in wonder did it really happen? I don't see my self as a victim. I feel everything happens for a reason and god wouldn't put you through something if he didn't feel you couldn't handle it. Not to say he wants this type of stuff to happen to any one, but to learn in to become stronger. Knowing is always better than not knowing any of you have been raped don't let it keep you down talk to a family member or a close friend. Don't drink to get drunk know your limits, some people in this world will take advantage. Don't beat yourself up, learn to not make the same decisions. Selflove.


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  • 1) I wouldn't want to be raped

    2) If I was, the dude better not tell me, because I will react very harshly in a "life-threatening" manor towards this punk

    3) If your a dude - you don't want anyone near your asshole (Same for a majority of women)

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  • That girl wasn't sleeping she was passed out or just too out if it to know what was going on and how did her friend know she had been raped ? Did she watch and do nothing to stop it

    If you're a guy there is no possible way your not going to know about it when you wake up with a sore arse if you'll pardon the vulgarity

    • Yeah, I meant passed out. I know if she watched or what. I'm sure you could be raped while passed out. Maybe you were fingered or he gave you a blowjob or masturbated onto you and then cleaned you off.

    • "Maybe you were fingered or he gave you a blowjob or masturbated onto you and then cleaned you off"

      I'm pretty sure I wasn't :)

  • I'd definitly want to know! Think that person is someone you know. You see that person everyday and you have no idea you have been raped by that person. That would be really bad.

  • i'd rather just not know if I had been so out of it that I hadn't witnessed the whole thing , yeah just live and forget about the whole thing . and who wants a complex trial anyways .


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  • I would really want to know. I would just think of risk of std's or even pregnancy. Also I would probably want to report it to the cops. If I never was told, what if I still knew on some unconscious level or something and did something to me on a different level. I don't know, but I would for sure want to know.

  • i would like to know that because I would try to find the man and definitely would prosecute a claim on him. he'd have a lot of lovely time spending in prison. so I have a right to know! and a friend is the one who tells me what happened otherwise I could go pregnant or sick for long period of time before I figure out what really happened and its too late to avoid damages. And the rapist would never be punished for what he did if I was not told.

    but I assume I would know if that happened to me. I am a virgin and I would wake up in horrible pain and blood all over the sheets.

    • Not to argue, but I think it would be near impossible to convict him since the victim can't even be used as a witness. It's hard to convict even normally. I think they only way would be the police to find his semen inside.

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    • Ok so what are you saying? rapists ARE alowed to do such things to people because they can not be caught?? so you think in such situation I just should what.. shut my mouth up, thank the God he didn't kill me, every night be hysetericly scared he'll come back and let the pervert live his happy life?..i don't think its a matter of indifference.

    • Well actually, the reason why they're not convicted is because of a lack of evidence, i.e. the issue of consent becomes his word against hers.

      However, when one is unconscious, there is no question of consent. One cannot use as a reasonable defense that they believed the person to be consenting. The same goes for being passed out. All you have to do is place the offender at the scene of the crime. If there's an eye witness to this, that's sufficient and is even greater and stronger testimony.