Girls, do you feel horror movies victimize women?

Ok now horror movies don't usually disturb me (I think the last 3 Saw movies were boring) so a few nights ago I watched the movie "teeth" with 2 friends that were girls (if you haven't seen it its about this teen girl that has teeth in her vagina and bites off the penises of various guys, most of which mistreated her.) The girls thought it was hilarious, I mean it was somewhat of a black comedy. But I basically sat on the couch between them with my legs crossed, cringing (the movie has graphic scenes with severed penises). The thought of loosing your penis is like a guys worst nightmare. Persoanlly, I would rather loose an arm or leg. Obviously I don't worry about toothed vaginas but the thought of some crazy girl doing that to me or some freak accident occurring freaked me out!

Interestingly, a lot of reviews done by women called the film "empowering" for women, who they say are usually the victims of sexual assault in horror films.

I kno people laugh when others get hurt but something about this seemed to be extremely wrong. Then I thought to myself : every time that I've seen a movie where a girl is raped or something, I never laughed or thought of the guy as a hero. But Perhaps I'm not sensitive enough to how woman feel and shouldnt get any kind of entertainment from horror films where women are assaulted. I kno the girls I hung out with are no lorena bobits but I felt it was kind of insensitive to laugh. I mean it makes me wonder if in the future if I happen to tick off the wrong girl...i don't even wanna think about it.
Girls, do you feel horror movies victimize women?
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