One Night Stand Experience, Girls Only Answer

I went to a bar in new york city last night. I met this hot girl through my friends. I'm 25 she was 22. She was petite, so hot: with nice big t*ts, shapely legs, cute face, and a round curvy as*. She was wearing a dress that was amazing.

We got really drunk, I ran good game, we started getting touchy feely, and I took her home. We had wild sex. Have you girls ever experienced this? Crazy sex the first time you meet a guy when drunk?

I was really drunk and my inhibitions were gone: We had rough sex: I ended up buttfuc*king her pretty hard. I spanked her as* and pulled her hair when pounding her, busted on her face, and we went at it all night, and did other stuff. She was pretty submissive and I felt I could do what I wanted; though wouldn't have been so sexual if sober. She said "you were a lot of fun last night" when she left.

Have you girls had an experience like this? How often? do girls have these often? Not necessrily that it lasts only one night but that you get drunk at a party/bar and next thing you know you are bent over and a guy is pounding you from behind, lol, you know what I mean. do girls fantasize about this? or regret it/try not to do it?

My friend told me (she is a cool girl) that girls like the excitement of getting fuc*ed by a guy they just met as long as they know its safe and that people won't find out, so they think she is slutty, is this true?

  • My wild sexual encounter is fairly common
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  • I can't say that I have ever done anything like this.

  • girls don't really do that much


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