For girls... what do the beads feel like?

You know those beads or balls whatever they are that you put up your ass...There's like 3 or 4 of them on a string well how does it feel. I mean it doesn't feel like a d*** right? because they're balls... so how does it feel? Is it pleasuring? Would you recommend them?


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  • Look, I don't have any experience with the things, so I can't speak to the sensation.

    But it should be clear from the nine-and-a-half million previous posts about anything and everything involving anal penetration, that the experience varies from person to person and the only way tofind out what it's like is to buy a ticket and get on the rollercoaster.

    Buy one. Try it out while you're masturbating. Be gentle. Don't yank it like you're trying to start a Briggs & Stratton.

    If you don't like it. Stop. If you like it a little, keep working at it. If you like it slot, go nuts.


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  • like you have turds to set free id imagine


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  • there are nerve ending in the rectum so you do feel it. I've never done it.

    It all depends on if you like anal sex and anal play. If you like that then you will like the beads.

  • Dangerous dangerous dangerous

    Will everyone please stop talking about anal sex? I`m getting sick and tired of warning people, but I feel like it`s my responsibility.

    • You just have to know how to do it

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    • I know a guy who is a paramedic, and he has responded to eight anal sex injuries over a span of two years.

      Before you say, "Hey, eight in two years is not so bad," remember that:

      a. This was all within one city

      b. These are only the cases that he personally responded to- other paramedics responded to other cases

      c.These were only the serious emergency cases. Milder- but still dangerous- damage also takes place, probably much more frequently

      d. Only one of these cases was a first time anal-er.

    • So it happens even when you THINK you know what you`re doing.

      I don`t know whether anal beads are safer than anal sex. My guess is that they are very slightly safer... but not significantly.

      How do you get them in there, anyway? That, to me, sounds like the bad part.

  • well gurls don't have that prostate gland so I doubt it feels good to us.. lolz.. I don't like ne thing and my bum tho.. sum chicks might like it idk.. try

    • They have a g-spot though, and the prostate is the "male g-spot."

      (But that doesn`t mean it feels good, of course.)

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