How do you tell your partner you have chlamydia?

how would you tell your partner (boy) you got chlamydia from them? and how would you react?

let me say that I'm very calm person and I'm a lover not a fighter, consider me pathetic


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  • You got chlamydia from your boyfriend and you're worried about how he'll react? Am I missing something? WTF, why aren't you p*ssed?

    I go to great measures to protect my partners; so, I'm just going to say it's pretty much a given that I would not give my partner a STD. Now, if I found out she gave me an STD, before I told my ex-girlfriend anything, I'd first report her to the public health authority; so, she would have to give names of all the people she may have infected. After that was finished, I'd tell her thanks for the clap you filthy tramp; I just hope the STDs end with the antibiotics. I'd also let her know in not so kind words that she would never have another chance to give me a STD, and that we could not continue being friends.

    • Well what if he didn't know he had it?

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    • I'm not trying to scare you. I want you to get an HIV test in 3 months and another in 7 months. You're not in the HIV clear just yet. It could take 7 months for your body to build up enough HIV antibody to get a true negitive test. Please, do this.

    • Yeah, I was planning on it. Thank you

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  • First of all, I'd be p*ssed that he was sleeping with other people.

    Second, I'd be p*ssed at him and myself for not using a condom.

    Then, I'd be glad it is something curable...cuz there's other things that are worse, like syphillis and herpes that can affect the reproductive system...

    How to tell him?

    Straight up.

    If you guys are having sex, which is the physically closest thing you can do with someone, you should be able to say..."hey, WE have a problem. I had a doctor appointment and confirmed that I have chlamydia, and your the only one I've been with. I contracted it from you.

    This is really uncool...and now, you need to tell whoever else you are having sex with, that they should get tested and get some meds, or they will be giving it to others.

    Oh, and you should get some condoms...cuz even if you take meds to clear the chlamydia up...your Boyfriend still has it, even if it's dormant and he can give it to you again...

    I'm not a prude...believe me, I love sex like most people, but the bareback version (no condom) isn't worth getting diseases which may have long term consequences...some of those STDs are really nasty. Google: herpes, syphillis, gonorrhea. All will do major damage. Herpes will be with you FOREVER...

    Good luck to ya.

    • If only people would take good advice like this one, and there won't be so many sti floating about.

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    • I totally agree with rivka. and you should not need to be worried about HIM getting p*ssed. it might be different if you were the one saying, "sorry baby but I have chlamydia and I gave it to you."... but HE gave it to YOU. honestly, you're the one who should be upset (and you should both be using condoms).

    • We're not technically in a relationship.. what if he doesn't know?

  • okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so what other STIs did you get tested for hopefully the full panel because if you aren't "officially together" and he is seeing other girls just think of the nasty possibilities how could you seriously not use a condom if you aren't ina serious relationship?

    And how are you not COMPLETELY Pissed about the whole situation?

  • how could he get mad he gave you are you so calm about it ? I'd tell him and then leave him if I was you