Girls, What's it like to swallow?

I'm pretty new to oral, and so far he's warned me when he's going to cum, so I can stop and finish him with my hand.

Girls, I was just wondering what it's like to swallow? Because it has the consistency of mucus... Doesn't seem pleasant.

And how to go about it? Once he starts orgasming, do you keep going, or...?

Please share your experiences!


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  • I always swallow. I think its just blowjob etiquette lol. I don't keep it in my mouth to taste it. I suck on him until its all out and then I gulp it down. there is a little bit of bitterness to it, sometimes its sweet but I found it varies between guys. I haven't come across a guy who taste so bad I wouldn't swallow..I'm sure the taste is one of the reasons some girls refuse to swallow..but probably if they were with some of the worst cases of guys.

    Once he says he's gonna come I keep moving with my mouth around him. your movement is helping bring his come out, once I feel it shoot onto my tongue, I suck a little so that I get every drop out.

    I swallow and that's it. Nothing too amazing for the girl. But most guys dig it. Enjoy.

    • I'm not so concerned about the taste as I am the texture and consistency of it.

    • Its not like mucous. its liquidy. slides right down lol

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  • im not a girl but I no that a lot of girls say you just go with the flow when they nut you just swallow like when you get something to drink hope that helps

  • A lady friend, said to me ..."It's like having 'warm snot' in my mouth"

    I'm not so concerned about the taste as I am the texture and consistency of it.

    What you are saying is true, the consistancy of it is sometimes very 'thick' ...and that is where the expression "shooting his wad" comes from because it comes out in "Jets" with the consistancy of ...vanilla pudding. minus the vanilla taste.

    I tried tasting my own semen when I was with her once, and I had to agree with her...

    Only guessing, but imagine a lot of girls have the same questions/ doubts/ etc.


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  • Your first few times will be disgusting. No question about it.

    Your very first time just take a little in your mouth. So maybe when you finish him off with your hand, just take a bit in your mouth. It will taste salty and yes, it does have the consistancy of mucus. What I do, personally since I have a terrible gag reflex, is roll it on the end of my tongue and relax my throat muscles. Then I try to swallow it. If I can't then I either spit it out, or drink some water with it. If you can't swallow, if it grosses you out too much, then just don't bother. By the sounds of it, your guy doesn't seem to mind you finishing him off with your hand. I think he'll be happy that you tried for him!

    Hope I helped! :)

  • Usually when the guy says he's about to come and I'm going to let him come in my mouth to swallow I kinda go deeper down on him so he's kinda hitting the back of my throat, it makes it easier to swallow.

    But usually I just jerk him off onto my tongue and kinda let it slide out. They seem to really like that. :)

  • Oh jeez I hate swallowing! But I kinda feel its unapporite to spit it out I don't know why I just do.

    The first time I swallowed the next day my throat hurt real bad it was like when you get a sore throat and its all itchy I told my boyfriend this and he said it was because some of the come gets left behind and some stays there which is pretty gross. I still give him oral and I still swallow I dread the next day!

    • Some people are allergic to semen. You should check into that.

      Also, maybe if you drank a bunch of water after it would all get washed away? Hmm. The some-getting-left-behind theory sounds a little bogus to me, if you don`t mind me saying.

      Anyways, you shouldn`t just keep doing it if you get that reaction. You should try to figure out what`s going on. I don`t think that`s normal.

    • I always thought that too. And I heard the drink water the next time theory by my friends and I tried it a couple times and it does work I will defentiely check into that

  • the first time he did that in my mouth, it shot to the back of my throat and I started chocking lol. it took awhile but it finally went down my throat. it didn't ruin it for me though, just taught me that it takes practice. How I would describe it, is... its warm, kinda bitter, you can feel it squirting, and you just keep moving your mouth up and down until he's done, then swallow.