Cause for pregnancy and is brown discharge before period normal (2 part question)?

So some back story. About two weeks ago my girlfriend was sitting on a countertop and we were having oral sex (I was going down on her). Later she decided to give me a handjob and before I ejaculated, I put some toiletpaper in front of her vagina in case. So after I ejaculated from what we both saw was that I finished on her leg, upper/mid thigh area to be more exact and it flowed down to the bottom of her leg. Only the very edge of that toilet paper was covered in cum, like a notch. I think due to slight body movements the toilet paper could have moved a little bit towards the thigh before cuming. Afterwards, i helped her clean up and that was the end of that.

So im just wondering, if by any chance some cum did land on her vagina (which I dont think it did because she seemed dry) could she have felt the cum land on her vagina and tell me? I dont know why im a little paranoid about this, is there cause for pregnancy? It was just oral, so no intercourse what so ever.

Also, she got her period two days ago. Which is around the time she usually gets it. She has somewhat irregular periods meaning its usually +/- couple of days in that week. but one thing that stood out was that she told me just before she got her period she had a brown discharge the day before which is the first time she had it. But she said that it was only brown because she noticed it on her pad at the end of the day afterwards, like when she wiped it was slightly pink, but afterwards when her period did start it was just red blood.

Is there no cause for concern there either, is that normal?

Thank you.
Cause for pregnancy and is brown discharge before period normal (2 part question)?
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