Should a 16 Year old Be Allowed to Wear a Thong?

In high school,from Sophomore year to Senior year,I was on the high school Varsity Drill team,which was amazing,but when in uniform,we had to wear thongs/g-strings because we couldn't have panty lines.

My sister wants to try out for the drill team this year!(I'm so happy because I was in it,and I can help her and whatnot=awesome) ha,and of course she would be required to wear thongs for performance.Me,I only wore them during performances cause I'm more of a boy shorts type of girl.But my sister want to wear thongs regularly I guess.She's a good kid,a virgin,likes boys but doesn't care for hs relationships,but my mom won't let her.She said if she tries out and makes it,she can wear thongs,but not regularly.I don't get it,cause she does her own laundry and is a virgin.She's a sophomore and 16.I do kinda wanna take her shopping and buy them for her,cause I feel like there is no reason for her not to.But then again,I'm not her mom,our mom is(If that makes sense)

Should a 16 year old be allowed to wear thongs?


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  • i think wearing a thong at 16 is fine...ive been wearing them since I'm 10 for dance and other sports...but then I got used to them and gradually wore them regularly by the time I was 14 !


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  • have you tried convincing your mom yourself?

  • whether she should be able to or not is irrelevant in this situation since she lives under your mother's roof. I'm actually surprised that a mother of one of the girls on the team hasn't gotten into a hissyfit that her daughter is required to wear a thong :o

    • That wasn't the point.It's understood when each girl makes it that there can not be panty lines or the child will not perform.

    • Go buy the thongs for your sister. your mom will probably throw them away or something if she doesn't approve though. I don't think there's anything wrong with a 16 year old wearing one if theyre not trying to flaunt it but as I said, it's irrelevant.

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  • I think when a girl reaches 13 she should be allowed to wear whatever type of panties she wants, thongs included. I started wearing thongs when I was 13. I didn't always wear them but I wore thongs whenever I wanted, and I think your sister should be able to have the same privilege. Just keep buying them for your sister if your mom won't, and in the meantime start trying to convince your mom. I think a little persuading on your part and if your sister keeps bringing it up, it won't be long before your mother will realize that she out of date. Of course they're sexier, but goshhh she is 16! I think your mom is thinking how it was when she was your sister's age. You should try to make her realize that times have changed considerably since then. Girls talk a lot and most wear them, so you don't want your sister having to lie to her friends that she wears them when she really doesn't.

    • I know my sister started wearing them when she was 13 because I remember dad making a big deal when she was in the 8th grade and my mom was like, "she's old enough to wear them if she wants, and that took care of that!

  • i see no problem wiht it! I was wearing thongs at like 12 or 13.. panty lines suck lolz

    its not like she's going to go flashing it around I'm sure

  • A Girl can wear a thong at which ever age, It's just underwear it's not a bid deal .

  • I think its fine, there's nothing wrong with thongs. I bought my 13 year old sister her first thong for christmas. Their really comfortable and no panty lines! Its a must have for all girls, she's gonna start wearing them eventually. I'm surprised she isn't already..