Do girls like thick and long d***?

Wondering what kinda d*** girls like to f***; Thick and long, thin and long. thick and short. which one do you like. Mine's about 6" and my girlfriend complains about pains in the lower part of her tummy after sex.


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What Girls Said 1

  • i like all but my guy friend yea um every time we have sex it feels like he going in to far its pleasurble but hurts a little, he's sorta big too but that might be my prblem,but try not to go to far into her when you're having sex, don't give it all to her at once, ok probably in the beginning just like thrust in all the way but measure those thrusts out on how much you're gving her, that might help, but I think I'd like my D I C Ks probably thick but medium in length that would be fine for me, but I hope I helped


What Guys Said 1

  • 1. You're possibly being too rough, or she's a small girl.

    2. The general consensus is that girls do like a proportionately thick penis to it's length, no extremes really.

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