How does it feel to be inside a woman?

Seriously, I know how it feels when my man is inside me, but what's it like for men? Please describe. I'd love to know what my partner is experiencing and he's not a discussing kinda guy.



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  • Well, for a Graphic and honest on.

    The feeling,with SOME women is like waving your erect penis in a warm room... !

    With most women, the feeling is one of pushing my penis, into a very warm, moist, ...opening that has resiliency, and resistance, depending how firm the lips and the opening of her vagina happen to be...and the moisture level depends on how lubricated she is at the beginning...

    I personally like the initial penetration of her vagina, because I like to push ALLLLLLLL the way into her with the entire length of my penis...all the way to the base...and feel her pubic hair, (if she has any) rub against my pubic hair...depending on the position she is in, with her legs and knees back against her chest and breasts...I can feel her pubic bone right above my penis and I can grind my pubis against her clitoris.

    Long...slow...strokes, in and out feel the best, because I can feel the entire length and depth of her vagina and sometimes can feel the tip of my penis push against her uterus, and she tells me she can feel it too. The long strokes feel the best, because NO masturbation technique can duplicate the feeling of my entire penis being 'massaged' or rubbed in that way.

    Changing to a "from the rear" position is even better, from the difference in penetration to the way I can see my penis going in and out, and the "upward' angle of the vagina in that position is a little harder to penetrate unless the penis is very stiff and firm...worth the effort.

    My girl friend says" "The first time it goes in is the best feeling, with that 'beautiful'...stretched feeling I get from it...and then 'in and out' " She says that her vagina feels "stretched and burny" afterward from the friction.

    For you to really know the would have to 'own" a nice size, erect, penis, and penetrate a wet vagina...yourself...Nothing to compare it to...

    Was that "GRAPHIC' and descriptive enough for you ?

    Can you confirm the "stretched and Burny" feeling post-coital ?


    • Very nice description thou I have to make a correction... when you go deep the tip of your d*** is NOT touching her uterus... its hitting the cervix...

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    • Thanks that was a very good description. so warm, wet, enveloping would be kinda what you were saying? could you be more specific about the sensation difference when you enter from behind?

      as to stretched and burny? no. initially this warm, hard stretching and I always just tighten down to make it more of a sensation. post-coital I usually have an awesome throbbing effect...what I call 'after shocks.' LOL

    • I will get back to you on the 'rear entry' sensation..........going to dinner right now.

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  • its the best feeling in the world there are no subs for men p**** is so good its like a drug that we can never kick like if you were the last couple on earth that man would fight a whole group of loins to save that pussy

    • Glad to hear there's no subs for women!

      btw for you and those using the skater persona for your profile...any of you actually skaters? my man skates pools, half pipe, huge awesome drainage pipes...vert all da way! badlanders represent.

  • put your finger in your mouth and then imagine your finger is a penis and the penis at the same time also feels like how your p**** does when you having sex. the sensation that is, not the area of the sensation. if that makes sense to you haha

    • Ok, that makes sense to me. about the same kinda pressure, warmth and wetness, huh? right on.

    • Wamth and wetness yes, but you pressure depends the size of all the equipment, but usually id say a gentle suck with you mouth on your finger will give you a decent idea of the pressure for an average guess

  • Have you ever stuck your hand in jello? Now imagine that with your vagina.


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