Lost my virginity to a guy that is now my friend with benefits - will this work or am I bound to get hurt? HELP!

Hey guys. So here's the deal:

I met this guy in class at my university like 5 months ago and we both instantly hit it off, and started to become friends. He gave me his number and we started texting each other and hanging out of kind of more than friends but less than dating type deal. We started fooling around and it led to oral sex. But me and him both felt that we didn't want to be tied down in a relationship (I also come from a pretty typical Indian family and know that there would be no long term future with this guy unless I want to get killed lol). So I think we informally agreed to be friends with benefits.

But, we both continued to act like we were secretly in a relationship I feel. Like we've been out to school functions and stuff together, he holds my hand in private, and we cuddle and text each other every couple of days. There's always pauses here and there when we have too much work to do but we both understand.

Recently, like a month ago, he slept over at my place and I lost my virginity to him. I had mixed feelings after, not so much because I felt bad about losing it but because I wasn't sure where this was heading and obviously confused. He continued to act very sweet, made me breakfast the morning after, texted me after, etc. Our next hang out we didn't have sex but just hung out and fooled around a little.

I will admit that after we had sex I felt a need to be more emotionally connected and had feelings that seemed to be reciprocated.

So yesterday (the first somewhat serious conversation we've had after having sex) I asked him if he wanted to have sex again in a joking way and he said he feels emotionally numb from his past relationship and he just feels he's so fed up with relationships in general and that he thinks they don't work. I basically told him I would maybe want to be in a relationship if it were possible but I know it's not. He said he felt worried about me and that things are getting complicated. I told him I could handle myself and that if I felt things were getting too intense I would tell him to back off or I would just step back. After this we both kind of lightened the mood and talked about funny things,etc. and it was fine and ended on a good note.

But, my main question is do you think a friend with benefit arrangement can work with a guy you've lost your virginity to (and losing it was defs a big deal for me)? Or am I going to end up getting hurt? I definitely feel like I want to be in a sexual relationship right now and if it's not him it might end up being someone else that I trust. And obviously it's better to stick with one guy for a number of reasons. What do you feel about this situation? Do you think we should stay FWB or no? If not, how do I end this?
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Thanks a lot everyone! Your advice was probably more helpful than you think. A lot of things have changed in the 9 days and I don't feel any emotional connection with him anymore. I think I'm going to end it. Everyone had great answers!
Lost my virginity to a guy that is now my friend with benefits - will this work or am I bound to get hurt? HELP!
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