Anal without my permission?

A few nights ago my boyfriend and I were in his bed, and in the same room about 6 feet away, his best friend was on the couch. we were just going to bed, lights off, t.v. off, and my boyfriend decides he wants to have sex, which I didn't want to do cause I thought it was incredibly rude to do with our friend right there, but I just let my boyfriend do it and we had to be really really quiet. well, I was facing away from him and he was doing it from behind, then it slipped out and he put it in my butt... since we had to be really quiet I had to bite my bottom lip, I tried to deal with it, but then I had to hit him away. but he came back for more, so I made sure it went in the right hole. well the next night I told him, because I didn't think he knew, but he said he did... it didn't bother me at the time... but the past couple nights all I can think about is why would he do that to me? he knew I couldn't say anything because our friend was right there... I feel like he raped me in a way. I just got off the phone with him now, and I told him that I'm disgusted by what he did, and now he's saying that he didn't do it on purpose... so I asked, then why tell me you did? and he just replied "i don't know".

so does this sound like rape to you?

should I be mad?

is he lying about not doing it on purpose?

what should I do? I'm so mad I'm crying right now.

anal without any lube and without even knowing it's going to happen hurts really really bad.
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the next night he admitted that he knew what he was doing, and that anal is so much tighter you can't get it confused with the vagina. and now he's saying that he didn't know.
Anal without my permission?
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