Happy ending after a massage? Guys? Girls?

Have you ever received a happy ending at a massage parlor? Would you ever? I'm talking to you girls too! What if, during your massage, the massage therapists hands started roaming? Would you make her stop or just enjoy and let her finish you off?


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  • I've never heard of a happy ending massage for a girl. I didn't think they offered this, and I am not sure if I would try if it was offered. I would rather have sex with my guy than get a guy to 'rub one out' after a massage.

    And from what I've heard of blakeharvey, you'll have better luck if you ask at an asian massage parlor.


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  • All involved being single
    and the deal is legal...
    could make this a new habit of mine.

  • i wanna know how to ask/get a "happy ending" and what might happen if she is disgusted...please comment and answer