How do you put a condom on your guy?

using your mouth? (so its on properly) and also do you know a article to read about this? thanks


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  • Usually the guy put it on... he knows what he's doing...

    • Oh come on you mean to tell me you wouldn't want your girl to do this for you?

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  • Oh god, I TOTALLY know of a site with an article. I think it was someone's blog, but I may be able to find it if I dig around enough. I haven't been able to find it yet, but I'll get back to you as soon as I do.

    • Okay, I found it, finally. I was kind of right. It's not from a blog exactly, but it IS an article by a woman who has written all kinds of interesting and informative sex-related posts on the same site, and is a regular contributor. Same idea.

      I've never personally tried that trick, so I can't vouch for her advice, but her articles suggest to me that she knows a thing or two. Good luck!

    • Hahah Oh my god!!! thank you so much! haha I kinda lover her! and you! :)

    • You're welcome! I was glad to find it once you brought up the subject, because I was interested in re-reading the article myself. I kind of love her too. =D

      You might also like this lady's blog. She's all about sexual liberation and tells all kinds of personal stories about herself and her experiences, while being intelligent and witty and throwing out advice, plus some useful educational posts. I rediscovered her when I was looking for the other article.