GUYS, What does it feel like, when a girl plays with your penis?

Everyone IS different, so in YOUR opinion please. :-)

( I do not have a Penis - obviously, & I will probably be touching one at some point lol... It is a bit of a mystery, & I want to get a better understanding of what is OK, when it IS OK, what is good, & what is bad... )

How long until you get bored with it being touched (minutes)?

Does it feel better if you LIKE her?

If you get tired of it, how do you let her know when to stop?

When you want her to touch it, how do you let her know (Physically)?

Would you put a girls hand on it if you LIKED her, or just if it was a hook up?

Does it matter HOW it is touched, or does it just feel good however?

Does it bother you to have it touched, & then not have anything happen after?

Are you OK with a girl just touching it, without you touching her?

Would you rather kiss while being touched?

Do you like to watch her playing with it?

Does it make you feel self conscious if she looks at you while she is playing with it?

Do you think a girl who plays with your penis is a bit slutty - even if you like her?

Does it make you HAPPIER when she plays with it?

Could someone get you out of a bad mood, by doing that?

Do you ever just ask a girl verbally for her to touch it?

Are there times, when you DEFINITELY do not want her to touch it?

When is it inappropriate for her not to touch it?

lol I just noticed from some posters that I got a bit carried away & this is a very long list 17 - 1 guy counted... So, anyways I would LOVE for you to answer in full, but I understand if you find the task a bit daunting... Any little bit helps Thanks!


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  • Perhaps the best way to compare it would be to picture your clitoris. In fact the clit is very similar in construction to the glans (head) of the penis. Just like with the clit, there are times when you crave physical touch- other times when it's a little overly sensitive (ticklish).

    However, sure it can change your mood- especially if your having a day where you crave some contact. Girls who play with it are typically well liked, I mean after all, it's unlikely you just bumped into someone on the street and they started stroking you off. If I was comfortable enough with the girl, asking verbally for her to play would be no problem. Self conscious? No, not really. And finally, absolutely, there are times when guys, juts like girls, would rather sleep, eat, or do something other than sexual contact. It's a mood thing. Hope this helps :)

    • Definitely. Thanks!


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  • Every guy is different as you previously stated. I personally love when a girl touches my penis. The tip of the penis is the most sensitive you can think of it as the same sensitivity as the clitoris. So it feels good when it is caressed, wet (naturally or with spit), massaged, jerked, sucked on, licked but definitely not bit. Some people like pain but I don't like spanking or biting the penis that's a turn off for me. I actually haven't gotten oral as many times as I have given it. I am more of a giving person but whatever lol I still have had my share of oral experiences. I would say anything gets boring if there isn't any variance so if you don't change up the speed or your technique touching it then its going to not be as arousing. As far as the liking or loving the girl that helps A LOT. Sorry if I didn't answer all of your questions but I tried to incorporate it most. Good luck =]

    • Lolol.. Actually, I got a bit carried away, I did not intend to ask that much, but I know very little about what happens on the guys end.... I was shocked that you all were not like - you are crazy for asking any of tat.. It just feels good. lol.

      So, thanks so much for answering... That really helped.

  • Wow, ok lets do this:

    1- Depends on the situation. Am I going to get anything further? If so I'm bored already.

    2- Yes, all physical contact does.

    3- Attempting to take it further.

    4- If I am comfortable with her I will tell her, or show her. If it is a first time kind of thing, then that's when you have to be crafty.

    5- Both.

    6- Yes, please do not mangle it but at the same time, it isn't going to break.

    7- Yes. Yes it does.

    8- I suppose. It would be more fun if it was mutual.

    9- Yes.

    10- Yes.

    11- Like, in the eyes? No. Like at my penis? No, but I can see how it would for some guys.

    12- No.

    13- Most definitely.

    14- I wish someone would.

    15- Yes.

    16- No. I would be hard pressed to think of one.

    17- This is worded odd, so I will disregard it.

    • Wow. You actually numbered them - thanks...

      Yeah I got a bit carried away, & I REALLY appreciate yo taking the time & mental energy to answer the questions,


      Oh um 17 was supposed to be " When is it inappropriate for her TO touch it? " I accidentally turned it into a double negative. ^

  • Its just like your clitoris. only we have one oragasm you have multiple.


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