I thought it was just my boyfriend, but apparently LOTS of guys DO it... Why?

^ GUYS If this applies to YOU or anyone you KNOW... ^

(& I am NOT saying woman do not do this, & feel free to ANSWER too :-)

-Why do you guys move your hands SO quick & or hard?

- Does it have to do with how connected you feel, or how much affection you feel, or just how turned on you are-

-What feeling do you think carries more weight as far as impacting the tension of your touch?

-Is it cause their skin is less sensitive, or just cause they do not care, or do they get more stimulated by quicker harder movements?

-OR is I that an erection kind of makes you feel so aroused, that you are in a bit of a torrent & you need the release of energy matching the feeling of your penis?

-On THAT note, is having an ERECTION feel like when a GIRL IS TOUCHED DIRECTLY ON HER CLIT?

That wold explain A LOT then.

-Also, what do you think- if ANY - the significance is, if m boyfriend was REALLY soft & GENTLE - no SLOW lol. ... He was ALWAYS quick with his hands , but he WAS gentle, & NOW he is harder , like more fervent..

-Is it because he does no LIKE me anymore, he just wants to get off?

-I DON'T FEEL like he does NOT like me, when we are NOT PHYSICAL.. Then he is EXTREMELY ATTENTIVE & focused & gentle.

-AS SOON as he starts just KISSING me, it is like something was unleashed & he is barely their anymore, I mean he is NOT FAMILIAR, as a person or he is sort of off in a world, or just transformed...

-idk... I can't tell if he is not connected, or just connected DIFFERENTLY... & I am just not USED to this type of intimacy.

( I have VERY limited sexual History / Experience )

-SO I am wondering / thinking / speculating , maybe he FEELS DIFFERENTLY now, THAT IS WHY THE CHANGE IN TOUCH...

-MAYBE he does not tell me this, cause he has not figured it out yet.

- I don't know What do you think?

I thought it was just my boyfriend, but apparently LOTS of guys DO it... Why?
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