What does it mean, when you can't feel anything during sex?

We've been together for three years, and when he fingers me especially my clit, its instant orgasm, but when we are having sex, I can really feel anything. Is something wrong with me?

Thanks to everyone who has given advice!

Especially those who said I was normal :)

And typo (I can really feel anything)



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  • Could you ever feel anything? Is this a recent problem? Does it matter what position you're in?

    Maybe try kegel exercises: link

    • No, I've never been able to feel anything at all. I've just smiled and got on with it. We've had sex on and off for a year because of my personal beliefs and conflicts.....i do kegel exercises and he always says I'm tight and how he doesn't think it will go in.

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  • Can't feel anything as in "Is it in yet?" or can't feel an orgasm? Off hand, I doubt anything is wrong... a lot of girls don't have orgasms from penile penetration. If you can't even feel him go inside you, well... the only answer I can think of to that is that he may be too small, but if anyone else knows of anything...

    • Like I can feel it go in at first, but after that, unless I'm watching I really can't tell..

      we do have problems with his penis coming out, but he is the average size, could it be were just not experienced enough?

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    • Not into giving oral? What's wrong with him? One of my favorite things.

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  • Nothings wrong! Many women do not have that kind of stimulation. It is hard to say exactly what it is but for some it just doesn't work. I have friends who simply have never had a vaginal orgasm. Many woman can't climax at all. If it really worries you try using toys as a source of penetration to see if that changes anything or feels different. Otherwise focus of clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

  • nooo! nothing is wrong with you! That's happened to me before but what you should try is when you are having sex, have him finger you while he's inside you..I'm telling you your legs will SHAKE! :)

    good luckk!

    • Thats interesting! what position did you use?

    • You can use any position missionary was what I used and it was AmAZINGG

  • I am similar. I can feel his inside me but it does nothing as far as sexual stimulation. You can have him rub your clit (doggy style) while he is in you. Or, you can rub your clit if you are on top or some of the other positions. Hope that helps.

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