What does it feel like when a girl "gets wet"?

I was just curious what its like when a girl "gets wet"? Does it happen easily, can it happen when you in public? Is it just a little moist or is it really messy? Can it ever get through your clothes? How does it feel?


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  • Oh yea, It can happen really easily and yes for me it often happens in public.

    Usually it just a little moist when it happens in public because more than likely you aren't really tuned on. But if you are with someone and it's getting really sexy it can get really wet.

    Usually it doesn't get through clothes unless you are really turned on. but I can't speak for everyone.

    It feels.. well wet. But sometimes you throb, and that feels really nice.

    Hope that helped :)


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  • well...it comes out all the time. it can be moist but when a girl gets excited it comes out like crazy it can go through your clothes and it jst feels wet lol

  • Yea it happens really easy for me and it ranges from just moist all the way to soaking threw my undies and pants making me look like I peed myself. This happens all the time but the extreme wet is usually just when I'm with my boyfriend (even if were not doing anything sexual what's so ever). I think that the feeling is most comparable to when you guys blow a load in your boxers, it's just a big mess in our undies.

    • Haha yea..that can be a sticky situation!

  • No it doesn't happen easily. It is not messy. No I don't think it can get through your clothes haha not that much. This is going to sound gross but it feels kinda like you peed on yourself a little.


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  • well I'm no girl but my girlfriend is ALWAYS wet though it doesn't mean she's always horny it just means its never actually dry down there, I've never see it go through but I have seen it stain her panties and after were done I've watched it coming out and it has left a wet spot on my bed sheets lol good times