Has anyone ever fullfilled their boyfriend's sexual fantasy, like this one?

Hi, I'm new here, so bear with me if I seem naive. I'm 21, and have always been a bit shy, but lately I'm wanting to get a bit more daring, and a little naughty. If I have a few drinks, I start to loosen up, quite a bit. My boyfriend would really like it, if I fulfilled his fantasy, in reality. I would like to hear from any girls out there who have done this sort of thing. OK, here goes. Remember, this is only fantasy, so far. In his fantasy, he would be down in his basement, where his bar and pool table are. Some of his friends would be over to play pool and have a few drinks. In his fantasy, I would come down and ask if I could watch. I would be wearing something very sexy and daring, and sit at the bar. I would light up a cigarette (I don't smoke in reality) a long sexy one, and smoke it very sexy. Then, after a while, I would ask my boyfriend to teach me to play pool. I am wearing a super short miniskirt, with only a thong (or less) and bend way over for some long shots , as he taught me, making sure his friends got a nice peek. Maybe they would help teach me too. His friends zippers are all soon ready to break. The fantasy gets steamier from there... OK, I really want to fulfill his fantasy, for real. I'm ready. :) I am 5'7",115lbs. long dark hair, 34c-23-34. I'm all new at this, so, what should I wear? (possibilities, in detail please). I want to learn to smoke, just for occasions like this. How do I learn (and to do it sexy?) I'll have a few drinks first, and I want to act sexy, talk sexy, and be sexy. I need to get all the guys hard as a rock, and I want to tease my boyfriend mercilessly. I want to tease his friends too. they only know me as a bit shy, up until this. I know my boyfriend will love it. I'm willing to make more of the fantasy real, if all goes good this far. By this time, I know I will be really turned on too. In the fantasy,from this point, it varies from time to time, but in one, I'm then sitting close to my boyfriend, at the bar, I light another cigarette, and with my other hand, start running my fingers over his zipper, as we watch someone else shooting. I slowly unzip it, releasing him from his confines, rock hard. I begin to "nonchalantly" slowly stroke him, as we watch the pool game continue. Pretty soon, I don't care about the pool game, and I begin to give him a blowjob, focusing all my attention on him. I stop for a second, to inhale from my cigarette, and there are his friends around me, all unzipped and hard and ready...OK, you get it from there :). that's just one of the way the scenario plays out. So girls (and I guess guys too) I need all the suggestions, tips, and help you can give me. My boyfriend really does want me to go as far as I will, its not just a fantasy, I'm sure of that. I want to do everything right. This will be for his birthday, which is still a ways off, so I have plenty of time to practice and learn (in secret, it has to be a surprise). Thank you all in advance for all your help! :)

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I know I sound naive; I am inexperienced, but I want some adventure. I could really use "step by step" details, what to wear exactly, what to say, act, and how to learn to smoke, and do it sexy...
Has anyone ever fullfilled their boyfriend's sexual fantasy, like this one?
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