My boyfriend is a nudist!? What shud I do!?

OK, so I've been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months now. Were both in high school and in our sophomore year. I just recently found out he's a nudist(basically, he feels more comfortable being naked)! We first met at a soccer meet after my girl friend introduced him to me. A couple weeks later we hooked up. Anyway, about 5 months into our relationship I've totally fallen for him and he for me. We share all of our secrets and stories with each other and love to be together all the time. One day I caught him naked at home since I have a key to his house. Awkward rite? After I asked him a lot of tough questions he finally told me the truth. Very embarrassed as he was, he told me he's an "at home nudist"(wow total hotness lol!) and wen I told him it was fine we began talking about it and he told me that he'd been thinking about going to a nudist beach but was nervous and asked kindly if I'd ever go to a nudist beach with him. I told him only if I was with him. OMG! Were going to go this weekend. I don't know what to do! I really love him and want to be with him but I'm sooo nervous. I've never done anything like this b4! Is this a healthy relationship!? I told my parents and my friends, who all love him btw, that were just going to the beach together. Should I be lying to them? And I'm so afraid of sneaky pervs taking pics and call me paranoid, but ending up on the internet or sum. Am I over complicating things!? Advice please! What would YOU do if you were me!?
My boyfriend is a nudist!? What shud I do!?
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