Stories From Those Who Waited Until Marriage?

I am a Christian and decided a long time ago to wait for sex until I'm married. I was just wondering if any of you waited for your spouse, and whether or not you are glad you made the decision. I am no planning on changing my mind, I just wanna hear others' opinions (:


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  • Hey ! Good decision baby girl. I am a virgin and have decided to celibate till marriage. By practicing celibacy, you stay away from STDs. There are more than 20 different types of STDs. And these STDs are terrible. Besides, why allow just anyone(other than your husband) enter inside you if they are going to cheat on you or break up with you somewhere in future ?

    I guess there are very few people like us who wait for sex till marriage. Undoubtedly, sex is a wonderful thing but it should be done with the right partner(your spouse), at the right place and at the right time.

    And if you get the right partner, then there is no question of divorce.

  • Marraige can end in divorce, just missing out on sex and stds...


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