What is a wife to do when her husband NEVER initiates sex?

My husband and I have been married for 10 years, and I am really ready to give up on having a sex life. I am 33 y/o, but I feel 80 y/o because my husband NEVER initiates sex. Through the years, my husband has had various excuses. First, it was his job causing him stress. So I went back to work so I could financially contribute to the dream of starting his own business. Second excuse was financial, he was always whining that he didn't have enough money to do the traveling he needed to do to make the business successful. So we were blessed with a small financial windfall, the finance excuse has been out of the picture for a year now. While we were on a recent trip I brought up the fact that he had not initiated sex in years, and that his lack of interest makes no sense. He had the NERVE to say that we have a lot of sex through the years.Then he said that he was sure that the number would far exceed 1500 times.Obviously he thinks that he gets to "retire" from his sexual duties now. We have NO kids, and I have no plans on having any with him anymore! Children would give him an excuse for the next 18 years! He doesn't have to work anymore so he is ALWAYS home with me, so I know that he is not cheating. I thought it was my appearance (even though I am not heavy set), so I work out and tried the lingerie.NOTHING! He rather listen to Christian worship music all night, than have sex with me. He had a spiritual awakening last year, and is obsessed with studying theology. I live by faith, but he is non-stop, 24/7, on and on. I only wish he would put at least 1% of that enthusiasm into having sex with me. I have never had sex with any other man besides my husband, and I take my vows very seriously. I really have no idea how to deal with this situation. I do not believe in divorce, so I'm stuck. Perhaps there is a prescription drug that kills a woman's sex drive that I can take, then I could live sex free but without the frustration.
What is a wife to do when her husband NEVER initiates sex?
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