How do I jack my boyfriend off at the movies?

me and my boyfriend been dating for 3 years now and this weekend I want to make it a little more interesting by jacking him off. I never did this before can anyone give me tips on how to do it and boys what do you like?


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  • Assuming you are serious (and not just jacking all of us men off) should go to the very top row in a theater that is not very crowded (of course)...

    Take a coat or coats/ jackets and put over both of you, suggesting that you are both chilly since most theaters are a little cold with the air on...(In the winter time, my Girlfriend and I both wore long, knee length coats which made it easier to cover with...

    Depending on how close the nearest theater goerers are seated to want to limit the amount of up and down movement that can be seen under the coat /jacket while you are jacking him off...or you may want to not to jack him off in the traditional way...

    If others are seated close to you...have him unzip his pants and take his penis out, rather than you doing it...if he will do it ...depending what he is wearing, you may not have to unzip anything...just put your hand down his pants at the waist band and into his under wear and grab a handful...(GF's have done that to me while I was driving, so it is easily done, with a slender hand and arm)

    If you elect to not use a "jacking up and down motion" then just hold the shaft in your hand and message the head with your thumb until he gets wet from his own lubricant...and then use the lubricant on your fingers and his penis, and make very short 'strokes' just up and down over the 'rim' of the head and back. You would not have to move your hand more than an inch or two, and that would not make enough motion for anyone to see on either side of you unless someone is seated right next to him...

    He will have to exercise a lot of self control when you are doing that...and I don't know if you want to have him shoot his wad on his coat or yours when he does shoot.

    I hope that you do it, because these kinds of sexual adventures are just great memory makers for you and he both, assuming you aren't discovered and it becomes an embarssment to you both.

    A Girlfriend and I did some of those kinds of things and they are very exciting, When I was 20, and my Girlfriend was 18, I jacked off in my parents living room right in front of my Girlfriend with my parents sitting in the same room, far to the back of us both...

    May sound 'goofy' or 'slutty' to others, but when you are "20 something' you are at your most adventerous...go for it...

    Take a towel in your purse ...and for god's sake, don't get anything on the seat, I may be sitting there with my girlfriend the next weekend !

    Have fun...


    • That was great to read! lol nd yes were both young and adventures soyou kinda gave me other ideas thank you very much! yur comment really helped nd was the best....

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    • Jesus 3 years? I got one after 1 date 😂 And not just a handjob a blowy

    • @Steve4268 I had sex with my girlfriend the day I turned 16

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  • Thank you for the "Best Answer"...I try to give a graphic and detailed answer to questions like your .or why waste the time with an answer anyway.

    My girlfriend and I went to my office @ the middle of the night...and had intercourse on my office desk...crazy thing to do in that instance...I would have lost my job had we been discovered by Security...but as it was, we were 'in and out' as it were, and were not discovered.

    That was foolish of me and her both...but just don't make THOSE kinds of foolish decisions.

    You will only be a young woman for a brief time and you should enjoy your youth and your sexuality...and so should your 'lover'

    Love each other too, my friend,

    Thank you again,


  • While the thought is exciting I can't see how this could turn out well. First off, what is he gonna do when he cums? Just sit around with semen on his crotch? Secondly, it's sort of inappropriate to do this in a theater. You could be caught and arrested for lewd conduct.

    • I reported a couple, having oral sex in the parking lot of my 24 hours fitness center in broad daylight,.........Huntington Beach, CA. Guy standing in the door of his car with a girl sucking his penis in broad daylight..........The two cops that came out just gave me a ho hum BS "we will check on it" ........"Lewd conduct" ? a blow job in a parking lot in broad daylight is lewd conduct.... That won't happen...........believe me.......

  • make sure you sit at the very back of the movies so no-one can see you doing it, then while watching the film slowly movie your hand over to his pants and start wanking it softly

  • Sit at the very back, wait untill like half way through the movie, and take a napkin...make sure you take a napkin lol

    • Oh and make sure no one is sitting to your left/right.....only infront of you

  • I like how no one said don't do it that's disgusting because people would see you

    but to each their own


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  • Have you never given a hand job, period? Or just in a public place? Guys can be a little picky about their hand jobs. I have done it before, and if you do it to completion you need somewhere for the ejaculate to go. Other than that if he has on tight pants it will be difficult to keep it fairly unnoticed, and you don't want to do it sitting by anybody. General common sense stuff to keep in mind. Otherwise how he wants it can be a little personal. Some guys seem to like a death grip, others like a soft touch. Go slow and soft and see if he requests other things. It's easier to give head at the movies, but that is my personal opinion. Only if the theatre has the seats that the arm rest goes up.

    • Chromosome.......I do like YOUR sense of adventure too............hmmm, getting HEAD at a movie theater... Well, "Death at a Funeral is showing @ Bella Terra Mall in Huntington Beach....and the arm rests DO go up.....and we have Stadium seating.......... want to take in a movie next Saturday night, and we can go to The Quiet Woman in Corona Del Mar......afterwards......get your husbands permission of course...........I'll bring a blanket and a towel !


    • Lol I sat at the front and got a blowy

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