Are there girls that love being tickled as foreplay , and not the.........

:are there girls that love being tickled as foreplay , and not the he he that,s cute , but are actually sexually stimulated from being tickled ?..and i,m not just talking about "0" zone but other places on the body.


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  • Yes I just got tickled last night. He tickled my thighs and knees and I kept putting his arm through my leg and he'd pull it through back and forth. He tickled my arms, stomach, feet, thighs, and knees and I knew it would be trouble once he messed with my arms and knees. He held me down and spread my legs tickling me and pulled me on his lap and tickled me some more. I think that's when it started become foreplay because he was spreading my legs, tickling my thighs and pelvis area. Whenever he tickled my thighs or stomach, I'd grind a little and move his hands down to my spot. We ended up having sex last night and it was so amazing I squirted for the first time.


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  • being tickled can get your heart racing, blood pumping, and endorphins released. so I would imagine it would get you aroused as much as exercising would. I personally don't get turned on by it, but if my boyfriend was tickling me, and we were laughing and having a good time, I wouldn't be surprised if we were having sex soon after.

    • I love girls tickling me . being tickled for long time it gets hard but I could cope with it . if both of you are enjoying it it's OK . I hope that makes sinces

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