What does it feel like for a guy to eat out?

Hey my boyfriend wants to eat me out and I don't know if I should let him because I don't know if he will like it or not. I'm clean and everything but I don't know what it tastes like or smells? do guys enjoy it? why?


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  • Well I won't make so bold as to suggest that you taste yourself...but there's only one way to find out on your own, right?

    I think there are a few guys don't who don't like eating out but I think most do. Guys aren't expecting your genitals to taste like strawberries and cream, we know that everyone tastes and smells different and we're cool with that. Unless you smell absolutely foul down there, there shouldn't be a problem and since you don't know how it smells, it's probably just fine.

    Besides, we're guys. We love vaginas (for the most part). All your natural scents, tastes and bodily functions you think are unappealing probably turn us on if anything. That's just part of life - being turned on by the genitalia of the opposite sex. Contrary to popular belief the vagina is quite clean and I'm sure your guy will love it. I've never had the pleasure but I know I would love to eat a woman's cookie! Not only is it fun for us, it's satisfying to please her too.


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  • I love eating girls out and the smell and taste are actually some of the best things about it. Both the smell and taste are a big turn-on. I think the pheromones are what makes it so good. I also love hearing her moan and having my face buried in the most intimate part of her body.

  • I sorta like it sorta don't, it depends on what you eat before he east you out.

    Usually I don't like eating her out becuase it tastes kinda nasty, but she eats a lot of meat so that explains the bad sour, acid taste. If you eat strawberries and pineapple before he eats you out, its going to taste EXTREMELY good and fantastic. If you want to turn him on even more while he eats you out, try 69!

  • Most girls like it alot. And I know I like eating a girl out. As long as she is clean I'm all for it. I've never had it where I didn't like it or it was nasty. If he wants to do it, he will probably enjoy doing it for you.

  • Why in the nine hells are you asking us? If you have to ask us, that means you taste like a dead hooker, ok? Is that what you want to hear?

    • I've never been eaten out I just want to know whether guys like eating girls out or not and btw if you wanna be an asshole go do it somewhere else.

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    • You are 100% correct! I love you too!

    • you're gay right?

  • I don't know about all guys,but I LOVE IT...

    It is my favorite thing to do, there's nothing better especially if she's enjoying it.

    It is such a turn on

  • Personally, the experience of being able to make my girlfriend feel good and her enjoying it is honestly the only real reason I need. The fact that I enjoy the taste is a fun advantage, but seriously if she really wanted me to, I would do it even if I didn't like it. She gives me oral and I am of the opinion that if you're not comfortable with reciprocating, don't ask your partner to do it for you. That's not being a douche. Also, a side note, sites like this are meant for actual questions, not insecure douchebags that feel that insulting people asking honest questions is entertaining somehow. If you don't have an actual answer, please keep your uninformed, ignorant opinion to yourself. Kudos to the asker for wanting some info beforehand.

  • It all depends on the guy. I would love to eat my girlfriend out and she wants me to.. but she lives 407 miles away. She made me promise that the first time I see her and we get the chance I will eat her out..so I told her I would ;) but I enjoy giving pleasure more then receiving it.

    • Thnx :) and ya I want him to but I wasn't sure if guys liked to because girls hate giving BJs but they do it anyways so ya lol I didn't want him to if he wouldn't like it lol

    • Well if you both want him to then let him at it ;) I guarantee you both will have a good time. Haha yeah my girl already said she'd never give a BJ and I don't care at all as long as I can eat her out ;)

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  • im not a guy but I have gone down on girls before and its hot hot hot...well that is if you like pussy. lol this might be weird to you but a lot of guys don't actually like vag that much, they just like girls and sticking their d***s into something attached to a girl. doesn't mean most of them love va-j-j enough to want it in their face, on their lips, tongue, etc. its not just guys I mean I know plenty of girls who refuse to give oral because they don't like penises themselves. they like guys and they like traditional sex with guys but they don't like penises enough to want one in their mouths or anything. just my take on it. I've been spoiled, as the guys I have been with mostly loved going down on me, but I did talk to some guys who said they didn't like doing it and my girl friends have experienced that attitude countless times. I don't know maybe I just pick the good ones lol

    if your boyfriend is asking for it then I'm sure he likes it. I assume you aren't the first girl he's been with so maybe he has experience with other girls and knows what he likes. so the only thing you need to do is first RELAX, then just make sure you are taking good care of yourself down there. maybe you want to take a bath together or shower before, something to make sure you are extra fresh (lol) even if you showered than morning. or you can take one on your own before you meet him to hang out just in case you think it might happen. just saying. no one likes stanky privates. and hair might be something else to consider but I'm sure you can figure that out on your own...

    i love vag. if a girl is clean and hygienic and a guy actually loves vagina then all is well. however, some guys really don't know what they are doing down there so don't be shocked if it isn't all that. I think the sexiest thing about giving a girl oral other than vag itself is when she moans out or grabs the sheets or especially when she arches her back or twitches from an orgasm. yummy. ^__^