Why do so many girls act like sluts?

I remember that some guys I once knew put up a "tired" list on Facebook. The list is basically the initials of all of the sluts that they knew or that they had screwed. So what's up people? I am all for the modern men and women but I think that sex shouldn't be abused. Thoughts?

Maybe I should rephrase my question. Why are so many PEOPLE sluts. Not just men and women. I believe that sex should be between two people who care about each other. Call me a hypocrite, call me an idiot it doesn't phase me.
I honestly believe that men are just as big of sluts as men. Look throughout history however and you will notice that it has been OK for him. I respect societies such as Muslims. My ex was a Muslim. He was also a virgin at 23. I respect him completely.
Do what you wish with your bodies. I didn't mean to hold a double standard and I'm not holding my nose in the air to these men and women. I do believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions. I've had sex but it was between me and someone I loved.
I was raised with my tribe's belief's. In this religion the women are in control and they can choose who they have sex with. What I believe has nothing to do with how I was raised. Perhaps I am old fashion and a romantic. Sex is good. But not with every1
Also I don't have a low self-esteem. I love how I look and who I am. What I do have is a history of sexual abuse so before you judge me realize that you know nothing about who I am. The events that happened in my past have shaped what I believe.


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  • Why are so many people sluts?

    It's because any sort of morality that our modern society used to have has been thrown out the window. Instead, in its place lies a gleaming new philosophy of incredible hedonism and selfishness. You know, the whole "me first" thinking. I find that the majority of people only have sex, not as the utmost expression of love to their significant other, but rather to get their rocks off because they're horny and are being driven by the reptilian part of the brain.

    What's to blame for the fact that it seems so morally acceptable? Probably advances in contraception, because now, people can have sex all they want, and they don't have to deal with the consequences of sex such as conceiving children. This, combined with the media pushing this image that one-night stands and "friends with benefits" are morally acceptable is the tonic which has destroyed these traditional values that you and I seem to have.

    Personally, I kind of feel sorry for you, Miss Question Asker. I understand where you're coming from; and the truth of the matter is that there's a hell of a lot of people in our demographic who don't think the way we do anymore.


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  • I think the whole concept of sluttiness needs to die. It's way past it's prime, it's unfair to women, and it's just stupid. When I found out women were as horny as guys, I was well into my teens, and that might have been the best news I've ever heard in my life. I used to think women didn't enjoy sex and it was something that they grudgingly surrendered to a man. So the fact that girls are just like me was a big revelation for me and I resent any effort that seeks to keep women's sexuality bottled up.

    If a woman just likes sex and has had consensual sex with adult partners with no strings attached just for the thrill of that, why is that so bad? There's nothing morally wrong with that. Sure sex can be an expression of monogamous love but if it's not used that way that's not an abuse. I do not understand the mentality behind this. This is not something that belongs in the 21st century.

    In fact, I RESPECT women who are openly sexual because they're brave enough to court the disrespect of other women and some men.

  • IN large swaths of our culture cfriticism of women just isn't 'cool'. Look at the response to my question about fat girls in binikis.. Somehow it's OK because they are 'confident' about their ugly bodies, etc. etc., not only from women but even from a few guys.

    similarly, they can sell themselves all they want and no one will call them on it, and if they do they'll respond by calling whoever criticizes them names, even their own parents and family.

    Simiarlly with the African Americans, often you find the sluts in bed with them..literally or figuratively.

  • Women are hypercritical of themselves and other women. I think that females as a gender would be a lot happier if they just backed the f*** off each other. No more crushing depression, no more eating disorders, no more inferiority complexes, no more image disorders, no more anxiety disorders.

    My thoughts? I think you're a hypocrite. You can turn up your nose in disgust at these women now, but it's very likely your self esteem has been abused in the past by other girls for similarly petty sh*t, whether it be your weight, your image or your interests

    Cut out this "cloak and dagger" nonsense and start respecting others

    • Well said, I agree with every word.

    • I personally agree with how women should be happy with themselves. I believe that each woman has beauty in her. I think that they should be proud to be who they are. I do not however agree that I have a low self-esteem. Try walking a day in my shoes and then you might understand the sh*t I had to put up with. Not only by a girl but by a man also.

      For your information a friend actually asked me to post this question. So please I would appreciate it if you stop criticizing me.

    • The rate at which you've backpedaled is astounding. Initially you're ranting and raving about "WOMEN WHO ARE SLUTS", looking for validation and agreement. When all you received was opposition, you tried to rationalize and defend the ignorant sh*t you said. You weren't misinterpreted or misquoted. This wasn't a philosophical or sociological question incurring into the rationale behind human behavior. This was you bitching about "girls who are sluts" and expecting to get a pat on the back.

  • i think you should evaluate each person individually and if you want to have sex wih them do it...whenever you feel like it...after 3 months of dating, or against the wall in the alley of the bar you just met at. society has made a double standard for men and women. girls that have sx a lot are "sluts" and guys that have sex a lot are "pimps". its just the way things are socially, even tho it is wrong. the only reason these guys made a list is because they wanted to brag. I have had sex with more people than I can remember...and I don't regret any of it...well, except for 2 different times with 2 different girls when I was on 2 different hallucinogenic subsances and came in like 15 seconds. those two drugs and sex just don't mix for me.

  • it's all about hormones...women can't control themselves so they let themselves go wild. it works similarly for guys as well.

    • Real talk. Moral absolutes are becoming a thing of the past, our philosophy now is 'do whatever feels good for you'...I also believe that sex should be honoured but in a relativistic society with kids having sex left right and centre, that's just the way it is.

    • Morals might be a thing of the past, but I still believe in them. Men are just as bad. I do not agree when they sleep around nor do I agree when women do. I'm not a green girl but at the same time I don't think sex should be with anyone. I respect your opinion but I do not agree at all. I don't think you have to be married but I do think there should be an emotional connection there.

    • Marriage is an emotional connection. how else do people stay faithful to each other besides cheap vows? marriage is a binding agreement in writing.

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  • I think it is unfair to say girls act like sluts, without also saying guys act like sluts. I'm not a feminist or anything, but that is a double standard I can't stand. The reality is though, Girls sleep around and it is okay to consider them easy or sluts because of it. Guys sleep around and they make a list and compare. Somehow, sleeping around for them is expected, and making such lists is a sign of masculinity.

    It's all in the old idealisms. Women were valued as virgins, men weren't. It's because there were no paternity tests and back then paternity was everything. That's what it comes down to. Times have changed for the most part, and women are trying to get away from the whole 'you're only valuable if you're pure' thing. It's a work in progress.

    As for sex being abused, it depends on your beliefs. If you are old fashioned, then maybe it is. If you change with the times, it is just something you can enjoy. Sex isn't valued by many due to the fact that many don't see the point. It was valued in old times because there was a chance that a baby could be born (pre-birth control days). It isn't as valued today because there is birth control available.

    Yes, there is still the 'doing it with the right person' and 'the doing it for love', thing... But many people haven't met that person, or have loved. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it is all moving with the times.

    • Thank you. I believe I should have rephrased my question. I believe with what you said. I suppose I am slightly old fashioned. But it comes with life's lessons. I do not "stick my nose up" at these women. How I feel is that I would never do it. I can't. Not because of morals persay but something deeper than that.

      Women and men are allowed freedom of their bodies but before sexual freedom we had much less STD's. It can be hazardous I think. Maybe I am wrong. And times have changed

  • Women love sex as much as men. If a woman feels she has chemistry with a man and decides to take it to the bedroom that's their business. But fortunately and unfortunately, in this world, we are able to feel lust and chemistry many times over and for different people in our lifetime. Some people like to talk about their intimate life which makes them look "sluty" to prejudice and judgmental folk. It's wrong for people to judge but keeping your sex life private and not sleeping with guys who know each other may be the best solution.

  • Stop with double standards.

    Sex is a two part twist. You need to recognize that the men were part of this sex list and the men are just as slutty as the women.

    Besides the point, humans and all life forms were built for sex.

    I don't care your religion, we were engineered to reproduce.

    So can we stop with sex being taboo! Fuck.