Girls who have experimented with other girls: what does "tribbing" really feel like?

Or in other words, have you ever grinded your parts against another girl's parts or any other part of her body? Did you get off from it?

I don't mean to ask in a perverted way (like some guys on this site clearly ask questions so they can listen to women talk about times that they've been aroused), it's a serious question. I see it all the time in porn and it looks really good because it's typically two good-looking girls grinding against each other and both of them are getting off from it. But there's tons of acting in porn and you can't really tell what's real and what isn't. And since a) I'm a guy and b) I've never seen it happen before, I don't really know what it's really like.

Does any girl here have any girl-girl experience they can share or, even if you've never been with another girl, any insight into how you all work and whether it may be real or not?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Yes, I definitely get off from tribbing. In fact, I feel it takes me half the amount of time to have a clitoral orgasm than it does to have a vaginal one. And I enjoy the clitoral orgasm more. I have gotten off more with tribbing than if someone goes down on me, actually. Much more.

    Women can "trib" with a man too, it's just different. For example, I can grind on a hard c*ck and get off like that without it actually going inside me.

    So, to answer your question, it's definitely real. :)


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  • yeah, to be completely honest, it feels so good:)


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  • When did this become 'tribbing' - I always thought it was scissoring? I'm getting old.