Gay guys - have you ever been attracted to women? Do you have that one friend that could be your "exception"?

One of my best guy friends is gay (I'm a girl) and recently he's been acting different with me. He has a boyfriend. And he had another boyfriend before this current one. So he's obviously into guys, I just don't know if he's sworn off women completely or not. I'm an attractive girl, I'm not gonna lie, and it seems like he's ALWAYS saying how pretty I am and how we'd make beautiful babies (we both have blonde hair and I have blue eyes). He's not a very friendly, open person at all, but with me he's very touchy-feely but not like a lot of my other gay friends who are physical in a kind of joking way. He's always standing very close to me, and at parties he's always got his arm around my waist in pictures (which I've heard that men hold a woman by her waist when they want to establish their territory). He has a much closer girl friend but in all their pictures he has his arm around her shoulders. He's very possessive with me too. One time he wanted me to talk with him about this project and I told him I was late to dinner (with my 2 girl friends) and he was like "You have a date?" and I told him that I was just eating with some girls, and then he made me go upstairs to check on something with him and offered to drive me home too, which he never used to do before but now he offers all the time. Whenever I talk to guys at parties he comes up to me and puts his arms around me like he's my boyfriend and that usually scares the guy off. A few weeks ago we went to this club and this guy was hitting on me and my girlfriend (who knows that he's gay) was like "******* is SO into you. He's STARING at you talking to that guy every 2 seconds". And at a different party I had another friend say the same thing about him being all over me. I know that gay guys can be very physical with their girlfriends, I have a lot of other gay guys besides this one but he acts so much differently than the others. People always joke that we're always joined at the hip and stuff, and I'm attracted to him, he's good-looking and funny, but he has a boyfriend! But maybe I am his "exception" if such a thing exists. I would be the biggest sado-masochist to try to pursue anything, unrequited love is one thing but it seems ridiculous to crush on someone who can't psychologically and physically reciprocate my feelings. But all these signs and people talking about us is really starting to mess with my head! Can I please get some insight from any gay guys or people who have been in a similar situation?
Gay guys - have you ever been attracted to women? Do you have that one friend that could be your "exception"?
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