My boyfriend cums very quickly?

When we first had sex he couldn't fit himself inside me and it hurt like hell, but he said it felt good for him but he tried to be gentle and only managed to get the head in the first time we did it.

As time has gone on he's been able to fit more inside me, but he can't go too deep because it pokes my cervix which also hurts. The problem is though, he can't seem to last long. He said it feels too good on the tip, and I can't seem to move, I literally have to lay there and let him go very slowly in and out so he won't cum, but he still can't handle it and ends up cumming in about 60 seconds max.

It's sad because the only times he can go for longer and control himself better is when he's swallowed speed. But obviously I don't want him to have to resort to drugs every time we have sex. His penis has started to feel really good the more I've gotten used to it, I mean I want to get some pleasure too because it just leaves me feeling sexually frustrated when he cums so fast. He said he's tried viagra before but it didn't work.
It makes him feel worthless and like he's crappy in bed whenever this happens and he's actually good when he doesn't cum quick. He also said it never used to happen, it's only started happening recently.

So any suggestions?
My boyfriend cums very quickly?
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