Single girls... what do you do to get a one night stand?

also do you regret them later on or the morning after ?

  • Go to a bar
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  • Private parties
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  • Other places ( specify)
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  • I don't do one night stands on principle
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  • I don't do one night stands whether I'm single or not.

    I suppose if I was the type of person to do it, the place to find guys isn't really what I'd think about, since you could go to these specific places and not find anyone that suits your interest.

    It's 'what kind of guy' it would be with and if you find him, be it in those kind of places or not. After all there is our own personal definition of attractive and unattractive people and one night stands are solidly based on attraction and sexual chemistry.


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  • I've had two before with guy friends of mine, but I left before morning. I don't like sleeping in beds that aren't mine. Both times were great, but I don't really like them. 99% of the time I will not sleep with a guy unless I'm dating him.

    • Sorry, I just realized that I didn't answer the question. To get one you just have to start vibing and flirting with a girl who is either looking to get laid (and she'll make that apparent.) or hasn't been laid an a long LONG time. It's a little hard to explain other than that because asking for one isn't the way to go about getting one. Be careful though because some women will sleep with you because they think you like them.

  • I don't do one night stands. I did it once when I was a dumb college freshman and I still feel like a whore because of it and I wouldn't do it again.


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