Numbing cream?

I went on a 1st date with a guy I have known for some time now. We ended up having sex, but this idiot put some kind of numbing cream on his penis to keep him going longer. Anyway that was the night before last and whatever it was my vagina is still numb from whatever it was. I've cleaned it with everything short of a scrub brush. Isn't phasing it at all!

Any of you girls ever experience this before?


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  • no I have never experienced this maybe you should ask him what it was or go to the doctors or something good luck

    • Dr tomorrow if this isn't better by then

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    • Y don't you let guys use condoms? that's kinda askin for trouble.

    • That is why we have the morning after pill and if I don't know the person well enough to know he is free of STD's he is not putting anything of his in me anyway!!!!!

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  • Katie, if you know him ask him what brand it was and if there's an 800 # on the package to call also ask him if it has worn off yet on him & how long it usually takes.

    If you at least get the name of the product then try or get to your Dr.

    • The butthole has disappeared for a bit. Friends think he went to Georgia to visit family for a week or so and his cell phone is either off or no service. Nobody is able to get ahold of him

    • I'd got to or to my Dr. Good Luck Katie

  • A guy shouldn’t use a numbing cream without first checking with his partner - and he needs to use a condom as well to help prevent its spread to the vagina. Some guys have numbness naturally in their penis (unwanted)- those men should use a first class penis health crème that includes acetyl L carnitine (a neuroprotective ingredient) can help restore lost sensitivity to the organ.


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  • Not being noisy, but I was wondering do the numbing helpsfor pain, like an example say you are losing your virginity , by using numbing cream will that take the pain away? I was wondering

    • No not at all! It is used by the guy to numb the head and sensitive spot of his penis so that he can last longer without ejaculating. Sold everywhere. Thinking that you were thinking of yourself when asking this, losing your virginity is not all that bad with a nice guy. If he is gentle and you are relaxed things will be just fine for you. You just take your time relax and enjoy the moment with your guy.

  • Wow that's crazy!

    I can't believe he'd do that XD. How long did it take to go away?

    • It was almost a week before I was back to total normal. Started going away after about 4 days. Have not seen him since

    • That's a good thing I guess? XD

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