How can I spice up my relationship?

the thing is I have been with this girl for over three years now and going to bed now is just not exciting and hot as it was before any suggestion please


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  • honest. You don't lose points for a real answer here.

    How are things outside the bedroom?

    Us guys are more often than not at fault for bedroom issues without realizing it. If romance has begun to drop off, our women slow down in bed. Neither side sees it till it gets real bad. Even then the why is often hard to see.

    Lordy I need to write a book.

    Dating NEVER ends. Romance? Just another word for foreplay.

    A woman who thinks you are the sexiest man alive WILL resolve the spice problem.

    It's easier than you think.

    Remember all the things you did to win her? Those are the things you need to return to.

    You gotta trust me here. Around the two year mark is when I have seen this sorta thing begin to manifest itself. It happens slowly.

    I made it my goal to make Valentines day keep up with me. Wanna know how my sex life is after over 6 years? Amazing!

    All the little things you can do that say "I love you" without a single word. You don't have to get fancy.

    If you work around women, have you ever listened if one of them gets flowers at work?

    This isn't going to fix things overnight. This isn't a patch. You have to keep doing it...

    But here's the thing...once it starts having an impact...if she loves you now? It is going to have a major impact on your love life.

    Once you start, and she begins to notice, if she isn't sure what's coming next, it creates excitement. She won't be able to stop thinking about this amazing guy she is in love with.

    I know what I'm talking about. I have so many friends who started listening, and have changed or saved their relationships.

    Is she worth a little effort? I hope so...why else would you be with her?


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  • talking dirty reallllly get's girls going. teasing her too will get things going and really get her in the mood

    • I don't if I can do that I'm not much of a dirty talker

  • try a threesome.

    • Thank you I'm trying to save my relationship w her not adding another girl that may destroy the whole damn thing between us

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  • Talk to her. Tell her how you feel and get here input. Then Have a vacation together and make sure Sex is evolved, try doing it in different places and more then once in the same day for a change. Try some toy's.