Can you get your period on the pill if you're pregnant?

I think the question says it all. I've been having light cramps on and off all day and I shouldn't be starting my period for about 5 more days. I am on a birth control pill, called Ortho-cept. I don't use it perfectly, which means I've been known to forget to take it one day and had to double up the next day, or I won't take it at the same time every day. My boyfriend and I do not use condoms every time we have sex, we just use the pull out method in hopes that my birth control will be enough. But even I'm not that stupid that I don't know babies can be born on the pill, and babies can be born using the pull out method. I'm just worried that in 5 days I am going to start my period, because that's what the pill does. It regulates your period. And even though I'm on my period I'm worried that I may still be pregnant. Does anybody know if it's possible to have your period and still be pregnant because of the pill? I am under aged and only going to be a junior in high school when school starts in September. Me and my boyfriend haven't been together long enough to be even considering babies, and we aren't old enough to take care of any. Neither of us have jobs and we both have parents that might make us fear for our lives if they ever found out we were having a baby. A lot of people would be disappointed if we had a baby right now, and so this really worries me. I only want serious answers. I don't want any religious or moral bull crap about how 16 year olds shouldn't be having sex and shouldn't have been stupid enough to get themselves in this predicament. I want serious advice only, not any complaining or preaching, got it?
Can you get your period on the pill if you're pregnant?
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