Feeling insecure about my small breasts?

I'm newly single and for what seems like the millionth time, I'm feeling insecure about my small breasts. It's even more intimidating now that I'm single. It seems guys like all breasts, but have a distinct preference for big. I mean, the media caters to what the masses like, right?

I read that a poll was conducted and around 54% of men were satisfied by their partner's breasts. But that is a small majority. There's still a 46% of men who DON'T feel satisfied by their partners breasts! (And before you say anything, a larger portion of women was satisfied with their men's penis).

Everywhere you look, big breasts are glorified. In movies, especially movies for men, you see huge boobs. Strippers make more money when they get surgery, etc. Why is this? Why is bigger better?

And sure, out of pity men are always like "small is great, no sagging" whatever but this is bull! It's pity! Because as soon as a woman with perky big breasts walks by, they drool like they need an industrial bib!

What can I do about this insecurity? I feel so unsexy because of my breasts! And my ex (the only guy I've been intimate with) only made things worse, since I asked him (I know I was stupid to do so) and he said bigger was better, because of evolution or some stupid, crap which is not true (it's been proven not to be!). But since he's a psychologist and I'm not, it was supposed to be a "scientific" answer. He also said he couldn't help it that the media showed so much cleavage while he was growing up that he was "socialized" to prefer that. What was he stupid, had he no brain of his own? So he made me feel like crap and afterward was mad that I didn't feel uninhibited during sex. Idiot.

This is killing me. I can't tit wank either, which I hear is a really common fantasy with guys. I hate my stupid boobs, they're so small and don't go well with my big hips. Should I get the damn surgery already? I'm more of a pear than an hourglass, and I hear men dig the 36-24-36 look.
Feeling insecure about my small breasts?
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