How short do girls like wearing skirts/dresses to a night club?

would you wear a skirt or dress that is just about an inch or two below your ass and would you dare to wear that without any panties on ?


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  • i wouldn't no. but I do wear short dresses. like 3 inches away from my ass. haha

    i have nice legs and like to show them off :)

    • Do you have a picture of those legs :)

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    • Haha true... but I was just saying because idw to give it through this because you never know whose gonna take it. haha

      oh! ill gove you and old one and than ill emaill you the one I use?

      im a complicated girl... lol

    • We can just communicate through my inbox if you do not want to give your e-mail address

      Just write to my inbox and say you are the girl with the lovely legs :)

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  • I would never do that. Guys at night clubs are annoying and pushy enough if you cover everything up. The more skin you show, the more stupid they become. Really annoying.

  • no, there's too many pervs out there who think they can touch you whenever and where ever they want and I'm not going to wear anything to tempt them

    • Exactly. If guys were less annoying I'd reveal more, but sadly I don't think that would ever happen.

    • Less annoying. as in what would you like us to do?

  • i love me some short skirts and daisy dukes!

  • k. so this would be the person you granted with the best answer :)

    • K and that's not too creepy. the question asker being over 30. you being only 18. how about me. I'm a little closer, 21. haha. no. but still. just saying..

    • What would your answer be in order to be voted best ?

    • Lol... nevermind.

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