Committed guys and 'other' women?

my boyfriend said he doesn't WANT to look at other women at all, but it subconsciously happens sometimes, & as soon as he realizes if he does it,he looks away & thinks- "I don't need to be looking at that" & doesn't look back or think about her at all

he said he doesn't need to be told not to look at other women, because HE HIMSELF feels like it's disrespectful to check out other girls when he already has one because looking is to find potential mates, & he has me & doesn't want anyone else, so no reason to look.

he said there's 2kinds of sex: 1:sex w-out feelings, 2:sex WITH feelings...& for him, sex WITH feelings means he doesn't want to have think about sex w-anyone else. he said watching p*rn is imagining sex w-the girl in the video, so he wouldn't do that when he's w-someone he cares about & sex w-me is sex WITH FEELINGS.

sooo...given all that info, why the hell would or COULD he say if I was okay w-it, he'd prob go to a strip club!? It's purely there for sexual reasons... which would have to mean that I'm not fulfilling his sexual desires. :( (although he's told me I've given him the best sexual experience of his life before) Plus, the 1st lap dance I ever gave him, he asked me to swear I'd never been a stripper because I was just as good as any girl in a strip club he'd ever seen. He asked me TWICE if I swore I hadn't done it! So I know he thinks I'm great at it - plus every time I've given him one he's instantly hard, so why the hell would he ever go to someone else!? He'd actually PAY some stranger to rub up against him instead of have me do it? He told me that I gave the best lap dance he's ever had & because I'm his girlfriend that made it so much hotter plus he gets to have sex w-me after. Doesn't that kinda say 'their' lap dances would be better too if he could also have sex w-'them' after? How is that not imagining sex w-another girl? it's already foreplay to an extreme! But yet he says he doesn't have a "want" to go, just that he would prob go if a friend asked him or something, but it wouldn't be his own idea? Why would he have brought it up in the first place? Supposedly none of his friends even go! The only one that did, he doesn't really even talk to anymore. Then he says he doesn't even know if he'd like it if he did go or not, & he might be sitting there & think "what the hell am I doing here when I have my girlfriend at home?" How can he not already know if he would or wouldn't feel that way? I guess he doesn't love me... because I could never ever go to a strip club & look at other men like that or especially let other guys rub against me! To me, that's cheating... it's all foreplay; just because the actual insertion of a penis doesn't take place, doesn't mean it isn't still sex. It's a huge part of sex... & is purely nothing but sexual. How can any man be okay w-ven the 'thought' of that if he really truly cares about his gf? How can any guy not just 'know' he would never do that even if his girlfriend didn't care? Is this something that will change over time?
If a guy cares about his girlfriend, he wouldn't go to a strip club even if she didn't care - he would care
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A guy going to a strip club doesn't mean he would imagine sex with those girls
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A guy typically goes to a strip club if something is missing in his relationship
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It doesn't mean a guy doesn't love you if he goes to a strip club even if he imagines having sex with them
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Committed guys and 'other' women?
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