I Got Raped because I drunk too much and passed out what to do

My friends are always at parties and I want to go so bad and just have fun but ever since that night where I woke up not rememberin anything and finding out I got raped just made me stay away from parties and drinkin period I wish I could be my old self again I'm just so scared the same thing will happen again I feel like a weirdo all alone in my dorm room while my friends are having fun

i say drunk that's how I talk and if you have a problem don't comment because I don't have time for the dumb stuff I came on here to get advice not to go back and forth with an dumb ass


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  • Did you pass out or black out, that is a big difference. If you passed out (unconscious) then that is definitely rape. If you just blacked out (you were conscious but you have no memory of it) then you really have no idea whether or not you gave consent, were forced, or literally threw yourself at the guy.

    If you can't remember anything, how can you be certain you were raped?

    • I blacked out but I know I don't just ask to have sex with people I don't know I'm not that type I just wish I can remember and when I asked him about it he just laughed and smiled and said I'm shocked you don't remember nothing you really was f***ed up though y would you have sex with someone you know on a normal day woouldnt never f*** you like that sh*t not cool at all its f***ing rape your never surpose to have sex with someone that had too much to drink everybody knows that

    • I'm not the type to drive headlong into a tree, but if I was blitzed out of my gourd I just might.

      Are you saying that because you wouldn't have willingly had sex with this guy while sober, that there is no way you willingly did it while you were drunk? Do you understand that alcohol affects the decision making process? Furthermore you say that anytime someone has sex with a drunk person it is rape. Was this guy drunk? If he was, I guess that makes you a rapist too, huh?

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  • because you drank*

    you can't even write and you're drinking

    • I can write I made a f***in mistake if you didn't like what I wrote then y even comment smart ass get a life for real

    • Me get a life?

      YOU GET A LIFE. go get yourself an education or something instead of partying your young years away. cause when your old and ugly and don't have an education no ones gonna wanna party with you

  • What can I say? It's your fault for getting so drunk.

    There will always be guys like that at large parties. Many people go to parties for that very reason, to get sex. Parties are mostly for whores and manwhores to shag each other. Consensual or not.


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