My boyfriend wants to be dominated what do I do?

I love my man and want to please him but no one has ever asked this of me before. He's typically a sweet guy so I'm super confused as to what he'd want, and when I ask him he says "do whatever you want" and I'm thinking "Ah, your the one who wants this!" but I am enthused to try it out, and I don't want him to see me flounder on his fantasy... So suggestions for a newbie to the dominatrix scene...


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  • There's this thing I used to do to my ex that literally drove him insane (in a good way).

    Basically you make sure he can't touch you. You could tie him up if you want, but I used to hold his arms in a postion where he couldn't really use his muscles and shifted my weight so I could hold both his arms down with one hand.

    I prefered that, because with tying him up he knows something is coming, there's more suprise if you don't. Then you put your knees on his thighs so he can't move at all, which is easy to do without him realizing if you're already on top of him making out or something.

    And I'd pretty much just start off kissing him and gently touching him. But never touching his d*ck like throughout this whole thing.

    And when he got to the point where he was trying really hard to ge this hands on me, I'd touch myself. Which tends ot really drive guys up the wall.

    And if he likes eating you out, which most guys do, pretend like you're going to let him lick your finger then do it yourself.

    lol then just do anything you can to make him beg you to let him go.

    But it's really most effective if you avoid all contact with his d*ck for as long as you can.

    • Thanks, great ideas although he wants to be tied down, that much he did relay, any suggestions as to how I can surprise him and do this, I like the surprise idea

    • Well a surprise tie down is pretty difficlut unless you have a history in rodeo.

      Perhaps handcuffs?

      If you hide them where you plan on cuffing him and disract him enough you might be able to do it without him realizing.

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  • Tie him up. Blindfold him. Tease his penis by lightly stroking it...occassionally. Shove your p**** in his face. Put different flavors on it and your t*ts (blackberry jam, chocolate syrup, whip cream, etc.) Play with his ass...check for reactions and maybe even insert a finger (use lube). Lightly whip him. Get him close to orgasm...but don't finish him off. Make him lick your a-hole as you play with your clit.

    Then go to town on him and ride him hard, like you own him.

    Just a suggestion.

  • He want to be sexually nurtured. Lay back and enjoy it stuff. HJ, BJ, Cowgirl.

    Not sure he wants to be dom'd".

  • Well Halleesea got it right when she said to lay of his d*** for as long as you can. The longer a guy goes without coming, the hornier he gets. It's as simple as that because of the way our bodies work. The thing is, the hornier we get, the 'dirtier' we get. Stimulating him is actually fine; it will make it better for him. But just don't let him come for days or a week even. Have him go down on you often or just have him kiss your thighs while your in your panties and tell him quite confidently how your going to have him eating out of your hand by the time your done with him. He'll go crazy the more confident you sound. Men love intelligent and articulate women. Test the water to see how dirty minded he is... Does he like it if you tell him to kiss your ass...? Best of all...once you have seduced him in these ways...have him lay on the bed or couch while you stand up dressed in black lingerie and short skirt etc... Stimulate him and make him confess all his desires and fantasies. That way you get to know everything there is to know about him and you won't need to post on websites for ideas. You can get everything you need from your boyfriend. Just remember he needs to feel ultimate trust in you...!


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