Women, how many sexual partners have you had in your life time?


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  • 9.

    Backstory if you fancy: Had a ONS w/ randoms about twice a year for two years. Then this year I have been in a self-destruction spiral and slept with 5. 1 was a good friend, one was a guy I was interested in, and another two were rebounds after having my heart broken for the first time and including a new guy and I have been friends with for years. All were drunk ONS with 0 feelings. THEN there is the one who broke my heart who was the first I had sex with multiple times and haven't really stopped even now.

    • Those downward spirals are the worse. You know why? Because you feel you’re surrounded by all those people you sleep with but when you reality check, you realize you’re lonely and miserable AF. Sorry for being too blunt about it but I’ve been through the same shit

    • No need to apologize! I appreciate bluntness, and I see it all for what it is. I don't regret them, except maybe the rebounds... the one with the friend of 5 years bc it was awful/I was not feeling it and I wanted it to be over quickly and then the new guy, the sex was good but he ended up being psycho which has made things weird.

      But you're dead on. When I had all these guys showing me tons of attention whether it was the sex guys, or other ones I didn't hook up with, I felt powerful and in control but it was all false. Now I can't give any of the guys the time of day due to being caught in my feels for the one. Once the dust settled and the alcohol wore off the loneliness hit like a motherfucker. Still trying to find my way back to balance. :/

    • Thanks 🙌 stay blessed

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  • I'm not a women obviously but if you care I have had 9.


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