Why does a guy kiss there?

Why do guys kiss a girl's stomach? My boyfriend & I will be laid out on the couch and he's taken up a habit of kissing my stomach. Then he continues running his fingers along the same area. Any ideas on why he would kiss my stomach, say I love you and run his fingers along my stomach?

P.S. We've never had sex and vowed not to until marriage.


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  • Guys know that women are sometimes pretty sensitive about their stomach, so it is a positive thing. It is also nice and soft and guys like soft. It probably most closely resembles your breasts and can be a turn on.

    Finally, the third chakra is in your solar plexis and is where your power center is and the magnetic core of your personality and ego. He is probably drawn to your power as a woman and he is honoring who you are as a woman.


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  • lol I know why he is doing it. lol.

    has he had sex before?

    • Yes, he had sex 2-3 times a week with his last girlfriend (of 5 months)... why?

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    • See, in your topic you said you both didn't have sex, and right away I could tell you that's what he wanted... I bet you are a very smart girl, and you should follow your instincts. if it comes down to it, just be sure you do use protection.. something you should be well aware of

    • Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it a lot :)

  • stomach is sometimes the sexiest part of a womans body

  • He is probably just so very attracted to your stomach (not in a kinky or nasty way). But also, this is probably as close as he can get to feeling your flesh if you guys are not relieving each other in alternate ways.


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  • Hey girl! Everybody has there own ways to show affection. This might just be his way. There isn’t anything about it that isn’t normal, so no need to worry.

  • You probably have a nice, toned, flat stomach and guys love that. I'm sure that if it were fat and flabby, he wouldn't be stroking it. So it means, he likes your tummy.

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