Why won't he sleep with me again?

I've been dating a guy for about 3 weeks now, we were very good friends before and loved to hang out with each other. I guess we always had a little crush on each other but never really did anything about it until recently. We had sex a few times during the first 2 weeks of dating, we'd go out and then go back to his place... He's the best sex of my life! (Sorry, had to say it lol) Anyway, this last week was different, one day we watched a late movie at his place and he didn't make a move for sex at all, we just kissed and cuddled. The next day he took me out for an amazing dinner at a nice restaurant, then went back to his place again to watch a movie, but NO SEX. We just cuddled again... Finally, the next day, he picked me up from work and he took me to lunch. We've been texting little since then. Does he not like me anymore?What did I do wrong?
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I guess my confusion is because he keeps asking me out, but he won't try to have sex with me again...
Why won't he sleep with me again?
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